Wednesday, January 27, 2010

عين السلطة لا تنام

تسهر على راحة النيام

و تصل المحتاج و الاعسر

و تعتني باموال الايتام

عين السلطة لا تنام

عين السلطة مسلطة

ملتزمة و منتقمة

مطيعة و منظمة

على الاعادي متنبهة

سكايبي و صحافة و مدونات

رذيلة و اباحية و موبقات

مواقع فاحشة بالهبل

سكر انترنتك يا بطل

هندي و بدون و مصريات

هذول مروجوا السيئات

مطالب خارجية بتعويضات

"خلهم هذول من الشتات"

عين السلطة لا تنام

بس منشكحة بساحة الارادة

و رادة عليهم بالقرادة

من وين ياتهم التوصيات؟

اكيد مو من تخزين القات؟

عين السلطة لا تنام

مجاري و نفايات للبحر

لا تقلق فامنك محفوظ

مياهك عطنة لا تمور

لا تقلق فالضحك محذور

مستانسين لي بمجلس الامة

و ما تصوتون غير لهالخمة

استعباط و استهبال

و للفساد يقولون له تعال

سكر بوزك هذي ديموقراطية

لا تحاول تطولها يا عطية

البلد صارت ديرة بطيخ

و الناس تذبح و طاخ و طيخ

ملينا من الكدر و الغم

الديرة صايرة اسخف فلم

هذه بعض فضائل النظام

السلام عليكم

و عليكم السلام

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiah hosted a piano recital yesterday by Renara Ariston Akhoundova.
The evening was amazing, rainy weather.. good company, and moving music that stirred a cycle of memories, memories that were both sad and happy, memories of loved ones who were lost for ever, and loved ones who we have the potential to spend the rest of our lives together.

Renara started with "Gratitude" which made us feel it with every hit, then she made me shed a tear with her touching "For Mama" that I knew I was in trouble if this was the theme tonight! her style was being recognized by now, the hint of Russian discipline and French Freedom was apparent on the the Russian hands and Azerbaijani spirit.
The third piece was a special one that she shared it with us, she addressed us before it to keep and attain the connection between us and our fathers, it was visible that she struggled with tears and emotions which reflected heavily on this improvised piece..
"Forgive them for they know not what they do"
then she cheered us with "Prayer for holy fire" which was scented with the distinct Azerbaijani and middle Asian countries.
"You and Me"

this piece was utterly amazing, it brought the memory of Seham.. the first.

with each piece an imotion is stimulated and along with it memories that were forgoten, and as she started Renara ended the splended night with an improvisation that we all shared each with his experience and element that stirred in his heart. It was an amazing night of music and memory.