Thursday, June 12, 2008

EXzombie is not quirky.....!!!

tagged by Chigi and written by Shezombie

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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

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EXzombie's 6 Quirks (remember it's written by Shezombie):

1. u choose to stay in areas where the temperature doesn't exceed 15°C

2. u flirt with other girls just for the heck of it, i know so and get angry and you know so and you get happy and i know so and i love my gealousy even more that its making you happy, yet want to beat you

3. ur too lazy to do this tag, so u asked me to do it, and ur whining why im not doing it fast @@ GRRRR, yet i keep on writing!

4. when the "Conan" mode is on i really get frustrated with all this chauvinist thing, yet enjoy it and laugh my head off when you say "WOMAN" do this or do that.

5. we always end a fight with a laugh, ur usually the trigger for those laughs we share, and when u take my place and be the not so funny one i tell you "remember its my part to be the silly one not you!"

6. with EXzombie appearances don't make sense, ur instinct doesn't make sense, ur prediction of who he is don't too! its a whole different ball game when u know him.

7. careful when u say im hungry to EXzombie, he might literally order the whole menu.

I tag:

1. ابو حفص الدودكي

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