Thursday, January 04, 2007

Za 2007 blogger's meeting.....!!!


5:30 in the Dunkin D. near Fanar, and Johny Rocket (ie. Salmia)
it's on the top floor....
every one is welcomed, please don't panic when you see us, don't be afraid from us, we don't bite... not all of us, and we have brains and can talk in more than one subject, and can use calculators......!!!

expected bloggers attending:

the regulars....

Nibaq (the godfather of safat, and funky T-shirts)
Forza (Safat Guru)
iDip (the unknownknower, he is my spanish fly supplyer)
Stallion (the he freaks me out sometimes, and a member of MAFIA, he attracts gay people around me.....!!!)
Purgy clone Purv2000 "PcP2k"(co-founder of Edo pride, trueth embezlers worst nightmares)
K (the Not so Amazing-gate victem, and student talk archenemy)
Jazz (the nicerator, my upcomming book's designer)
me... (whenever available in Kuwait: the pervert, abroad: the Rapist)

and ....

Bloboz (the 3arabizi kharbora6or, )
Maze (ya lazeez ya rayeg, hates al-Abdeli for unknown reasons)
Mr. Chocolate (the Cheerleader)
Tat the don
Marzouq (the other blogger biker)

and hope to see Tata, Q, Frankom, Bu Maryoom and alot of girls, and the rest of the bloggers.......!!!
except for "him".....!!! since Mark caused us to lose a regular topic, we need the other to be the main dish.......!!!
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