Saturday, January 28, 2006

Damn... No more K.D.D. ....!!!

the hot topic every where is about a Danish cartoonist that insulted Islam and the prophet peace be upon him, and since every one is saying what's their mind in this issue, I once again will do the opposite.....!!!

just kidding...

the issue were talking about is important, and the solution is an easy one, on their turf you play by their rules, but on ours we play by our roles......!!!

you didn't get it....!!!

will to speak in a Mickey mouse sentence :

we sue the cartoonist and the newspaper for the insults and the new campain the newspaper is now summoning, it's freedom of speech alright, but not when the insults are speared at an important figure in Islam, we know he is human, but our respect to him and the other profits inhibit us from degrading them or insult them. You don't see Muslims curse or degrade mosses although he is the prophet of Jews, infact we respect him more than the Jews do, the same go for Jesus, we don't believe he is the son of god but we do believe he is a prophet and he will descend once again to this earth.

some would say that's not enough, suing them wont satisfy us, we need more....!!!

well, we can always boycott Danish products long enough to force the government to step up and act, and then we'll see if freedom of speech is important than income....!!!

ofcource boycotting needs to be globalized in Islamic countries and between Muslims, I don't think that 15 m. Is enough to stir a farce out of them when Kuwait alone boycott Danish imports....

but the sum of all Muslims boycotting would have un impact especially when we know that certain countries would love to take the empty place the Danish products left, like china, France, eastern Asian countries, and other Arab countries as well....!!!

so why don't we hurt them were it's supposed to...!!! There way and style....!!!

we would see their freedom of speech in a real test of endurance.....!!!

I for one would like to see that, even if I miss on K.D.D. products.......!!!

no more milk, no more gay pampered cows, no more "Lurpak" gay butter, and certainly no more Ikea.....!!!

what is that Swedish.....?!?! Are you sure.....!!!

ohh well....!!!

and don't we have any cartoonists or writers in Denmark amongst the millions of Muslim expats, that one of them would counter the stream of racial ignorance.....!!!

or they only have a certain agenda since we mostly know these expats in al-jazeera verbal fucking anyone that moves in the middle east, or in political debates.....!!!

no more Danish gay milk, we prefer camel or goat milk....!!!

and what'swrong with "Dehin Addani".....!!! It's better than lurpak....!!!

those cow fucker.....!!! I know they are....!!! No one in the world treat

their cow or animals like the Danish treat their cow......!!! some one should find what's that all about.....!!!

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