Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to show the world how stupid you are.....!!!

Do you have the surge and need to look like an idiot, or a donkey....!!! if so I advise you to do the following this was inspired by jameed's post
  1. you start a fight with other students during eliction day, because of calculators.....!!!
  2. you try to ditch an exam by calling the bomb squad.....!!!
  3. you call chicken shawarma "shawarma diyay" but not "shawarma la7am diyay" since chicken is not meat....!!! it's chicken....!!!
  4. you kill your police and anyone or anything that moves because the Americans have envaded your country (but you don't hit the americans.....!!!)
  5. you kill the one who supported Libanon's reform, because he was with the removal of syrian army in you country....!!!
  6. you kill the underground syrean ruler of libanon, and call it a suicide....!!! (suicidium dispatch)
  7. you tell the world that you have 10% of the worlds oil reserves, and when they call your bluff, turn out that you have half of what you stated.....!!! (where did the other half go to)
  8. you block all the kuwaiti bloggers because a stupid farting blog offended your pharonic butt.....!!!
  9. not only that, you state that the holy prophit is related to you....!!! so correct me if I'm wrong ASSFACE, but who is older you or the prophit....?!?! and second of that, why do each and every bitching mother fucker say that they relate to the prophit, like Saddam.....?!?! what we know is that the prophit didn't have living boys or we wouldv'e known about the "kuwait& islam" the egyptian guitarist-renown muslim- the grand son of the prophit mohammed peace be upon him.....!!!
  10. you attend a fashion show in libanon few days after the late baba jabir has passed away.....!!! and be proud of it.....!!!
  11. you kill your brethrens whom turn out to be christians (university students), because a Danish cartoonist drew arabs, or what resembles the holy prophit in seikh costume.....!!!
  12. you listen to a frantic guy in the Azhar that statet alcohol selling to non muslims is not haram, not forgeting that amazing Fatwa of you don't have the right to know her past relation.....?!?! thanks to frankom.com, this new info was utilized in this mich.
  13. state another Fatwa forbidding the game of soccer, or defy the football rule just to not relent to jews or christians......!!! you see you must not follow the jews or christians, nor do as they do....!!! for fucksake every thing now is done or made or whatever you might call is by the works or done by the christians or jews.....!!! but we still have a chance....!!! we can still follow budhist monks, confusomethingism, japanese (which I prefer), or go to hell.....!!!
  14. the Farfar is haram....!!! you don't know what the fuck is Farfar....?!?! it's the part of the cap that block the sun light.....?!?! apparently this saudi mufti still want's us to know time by watching the sun.....!!!
  15. for a matter of fact anyone listens to what the retards in the Azhar state as fatwa is a gullible fool, those guys are the one's behind bank's and reba halalism issues, and each and single stupid thing they come up with amazingly shatters with the sunna or quran.....!!!
  16. you still only depend on one source of revenue, that is oil....!!! even though you know it wont last 20 years, not to mention any moment a geek will discover the long awaited cheep energy that will make us lick the backs of our butts.........!!!
  17. you still use nokia phones even when they suck, only because they have snake or kout bu 6 ......!!!
  18. you buy ipods even though you don't jug, walk, listen to music.....!!! simply because "every one" is getting ipoded.....!!!
  19. you still vote in star academy.....!!!
  20. you still watch wwf of it's clones and till now you'r convinced they are real......!!! you want the real thing watch U.F.C., PRIDE, K-1, PANCRES.......!!!
  21. you still believe that Ahmad elYousif is going to resign with the expected failure of the Kuwaiti national team.....!!!
  22. you still curse using nationalities.....!!! like "Indian" meaning donkey......!!! "Egyptian" meaning hypocrite....!!! and "Filipino" meaning gay or midgits.....!!!

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