Saturday, December 30, 2006


the mother fucker was excuted today at 6 a.m. according to the BBC......!!!

the fucker was hanged......!!!

I'm SOOOO FUCKING PISSED, I feel like he escaped the mother fucker......!!!

fucking retards......!!!

they should have waited till all trails have ended, now it looks like he was excuted only for his crimes against the kurds......!!!

what the fuck.....!!!

fucking eid, fucking way to start the day......!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

We WON......!!!

they announced the results yesterday in the Fast Link "lunch party" (1 p.m.)....!!!

we won the best team award, and guess what was our prize.....

they gave us an MP3 players for each member of the team.......!!!

how cool is that....!!!

I'm speechless....!!!

next... don't miss EXzombie thrashing this asshole (on the lef) from New Jersey.....!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Colors of HARAM.....!!!

this is for assholes who think they have the right to grab our freedom, our religion and announce their authority over us through religion and fear.....!!! (Kuwait and Islam is included)

Islam is much greater and more tolerant than what you have in mine, I might tolerate hate and disgust from others, but stupidity is something else......!!!

apart from the
crazy ass FATAWIS you people seem to invent day by day, rules and regulations(rather are cuffs and chackles), costums and traditions, Deen now became a prison thanks to your efforts......!!!
manepulating youngsters and youth for your sick deeds has to end, why do wait for another Abdulrahman al-Bathali or a 16 year old kid to go rambooing in other countries.....!!!

why frighten every one into your religion, why spreading your stupidity through every channel and medium.....!!!

a few days ago I recieved an e-mail from 6 friend of mine talking about the same subject, don't say mosque cause it means mosqito.....!!! fuck and don't say Mohd(shrot for Mohammed) cause it means a wide mouthed dog......!!!
fuck who comes with these kinds of shit, don't drink non alcoholic root beer, cause it can be mixed with panadol and/or penicilin to broduce alcoholic drinks even though penicilin is an antibiotic so it will inhibit microorganisms from ferminting the beer......!!!

why shortening and narrowing your life to live the 7th century among the people of the 21st century.....!!!

I leave you with this short film that was done by "Mohd" Hushky from the Royal Film Commission.....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fast link, what the fuck.....!!!

so out of nowhere, I get a call from Moe that the Fast Link awards ceromony will be held TOMMOROW....!!!

as for why and how, I still don't have a clue how they work in that company, they are a mess in organization.....!!!


guess my Degree and Jude's will be the only ones unhanded, so I'll call Moe to recieve mine.....!!!

I wanted to be there I really did but out of nowhere boom.....!!!

that's a knockout, I know it was you all along Mr. 2006, damn youuuuuuuu.......!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

elham the lesbo is back.....?!?!

out of no where he came back to me.....!!!
and as always he anoyed me to hell with his/her/it stupidity.....!!!

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
منو معاي....؟!؟!

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
الذاكرة عندي تعبانة و ناسي

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
how are u

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
how is your english now
and iknow ur bashir

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
I'm not bashir

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
you get me confused with someone....?!?!
what who are u

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
I actually don't know you

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
you added me up a log time ago
ok good
iam elham
and who are u

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
and I'm abdulaziz
wich aziz

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
I'm from Kuwait

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
and I son't think you know me
what ru saying

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
what I wrote

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
I don't know you, I really don't

EXzombie is in kuwait.....!!!:
and neither do you

then he disconected his fucking ass again.......!!!

told you it's a shitty year......!!!

The 2006 Farewell Speach.....!!!

Dear 2006,

fuck you big time for being a shitty year to me, many people I know died in 2006, some were relitives, some were friends, and some were dear to me even if I never have met them......!!!

to give you credit, I was happy during the shitty year, because my resolution on the previous shitty year 2005 was to be happy no matter what fuckers say, do, or not do to me.....!!!

on love matters, I fell for two, one played me like a drum monkey, then fainted a catastrophee to break up with me, then I found this strange feeling with this girl that I adored, I was truethful.... but she had some issues with her personality and other stuff, and opps, I got dumped twice......!!!

and not to make things look shittyer than 2005 I was hook again with the first, and find so many fucked up things that I wouldn't normally accept, but for some fucked up reason I fooled myself into getting back with her, now how do I get repaid for tolerating the endless nagging and babybullshits of "No, you are not me, I'm not you, we are not each other" crap, I lose a friend and she complains of being with her mother......!!! and exams to be fair......!!!

so I said to myself that I wont get fucked up in relationships that easy... so I plan to get married by 2007.....?!?! cool isn't it.....!!!

I made a movie, that worked me off like hell, the girls gave me hell, and I returned it back, the outcome was not that great and didn't reach my expectations, although we won so many things I felt we could've done better, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better......!!!

it will be almost a year since I saw Dad, and it sucks, you figuer that getting older you'll learn to get used to them being away, but no... a big NO.... missing them just grows bigger and bigger, and you only wish to be there for him and with him..... I LOVE YOU DAD...

I don't know why but it seems people only get stupider by the minute, tons of e-mails of stupid magots saying weird things like don't say Mosque it's short for "mosquito", and don't say Mohs as short for Mohammed as it means a wide mouthed dog......!!!
I think I have stupid friends since they are the ones who send me this kind of crap.....!!!

I need to have a heart to heart talk with them......!!!

Kuwait is in my heart, I am patriotic to a point others get annoyed from it....!!! it's your problem not mine....!!!

I will work harder in the year 2007, I will improve myself in all fields, I'll become thinner too, and I will be married enshalla, I will get wiser, and more grumpier, I won't tolerate fags, lizbos, weakly earthlings, softies, and open minded fags, I will eat sushi, and don't mine going back to EDO since it was good and I liked it, thanks to the Mafia for thier hospitality.....!!!

I met great people this year and made tons of friends, I lost a dear one also this year, I've known him for only 9 months, but the impact of his lost shock my beliefs..... I will never forget you Jude...

so fucking go 2006 and send my fucking regards to the fucking 2005......!!!


Friday, December 08, 2006

Jawdat Jweihan, may you rest in peace my brother....

to lose a friend is hard, to lose him in front of you is devastating.....

he was one of the guys that you'd notice in any group, funny, outgoing, hyperactive and honest....

my dear Jawdat,

I couldn't say it when you were with us so do pardon me even if it was late,

شكرا لأنك انسيتني غربتي
شكرا لأنك كنت معطاء حتى في موتك
شكرا لأنك جمعتنا في موتك فزاد اخواني و اخواتي
بقلم معتز:

كأن الليل لم يهدأ بعد، كأن صيحاتنا لم تهدأ بعد، كأن صيحات الأطفال الصغار
وبكائهم لم يهدأ بعد ..
صيحات تخرج من ذلك الممرالمضاء بالملائكة..
لا زال صوت الريح يعصف في تلك الليلة ، ويأخذ معه ما تبقى من غبار ذلك المساء،
وبقايا الزجاج المتكسر على الأرض..
كيف يمكن للدموع أن تهدأ اذا توقف القدر اليوم عند مفترق طريق ليس له نهاية ، عند مفترق طريقلا أحد يعرف سببه أو يجد جوابا له..
كيف يمكن للدمعة في العين أن تسأل سؤالا وتتوه بين الأجوبة العديدة..
كيف يمكن للقلب الذي كان ينبض بالحياة أن يرحل..
هنا، توقفت كل الساعات ، ولم يجب عن أي سؤال, فكل الأسئلة ليس لها جواب..
وكل الدموع ليس لها من باب.. كيف بثانية يودعنا كل الأحباب؟ ويرمي بنا القدر بعيدا عن
منزلنا ، بعيدا عن شارعنا، بعيدا عن أحبائنا الذين كانوا نبضا في القلب..
والذين كانوا الدم الذي يسري في العروق..
اليوم،نمتحن ويمتحن الانسان فينا بقوته… وصموده..
بضعفه وخوفه، ببكاءه وصمته..
فهل ستبكي يا قلب؟ لا ، لا تبكي ..
فان الذي رحل سيحزن اذا رأى دمعتك.. سيحزن اذا سمع صوت بكاءك..
انه سيعود ، سيعود ليمسح لك تلك الدمعة عن خدودك.. ويستبدل الألم فرحة وسعادة..
لا تبكي يا قلب، لا تدمعي يا عين..
وان عجزت الكلمات عن التكلم وقول الحقيقة..
لا تبكي وان عجزنا عن مواجهة الحقيقة، لا تبكي..
فالذين رحلوا ، لم يرحلوا…
ان لهم أجنحة يطيرون بها حولنا، ان لهم صدى في كل مكان،
صدى ضحكاتهم لا زال يملأ المكان .. الا تسمعون صدى الضحكات؟
انهم لم يرحلوا، فصداهم موجود في كل مكان..
انه يعيش فينا.. ذكرياتهم في كل مكان..اثار أقدامهم..
فلماذا يا قلب تبكي؟ وهم لا زالوا بيننا، يسمعون تحاورنا،
ويشربون من فنجان القهوة الذي تركوه..
لا يا قلب.. لا تبكي..
فان بكيت ، فانك ستؤلم ببكائك من رحل..
تلك كان قصة طير ، حلق بأجنحته بيننا، تلك كانت قصة ملاك ، غاب ولم يغيب..
سافر ولم يسافر..رحل … ولكنه لا يزال حيا فينا....

May you rest in peace my brother, and may heaven be our gathering place in the after life, your brother Abdualziz....