Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I came, will see,

I came back from Amman, and realized that the Gulf cup has ended for Kuwait.......!!!

will fuck that, I will say something on that matter later....!!!

yesterday was my first try on the wii.....!!!
the least I can say is SUGOOOOOOOI, I lost 5 KG just from the Boxing game, which now my record stand is 6-1, yeah and try to face 4 guys who did thier share on the game, kept playing me on the fatigue part, but I managed well, lost the last match against Faisal due to fatigue.... but the hardist match was the rematch between me and Hisham..... boy I really was pressured, knocking the wind out of me twice but I was Mr. T.....!!!

ok, after that we tryed the "Blue ray" Lady in the Water, and to tell you the trueth, I didn't see that resolution and hightened quality every one is talking about.......!!!
the movie was the same as the not so blue eddition.....!!!

what else....!!!

nothing, O.K. see ya soon....!!!
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