Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brinker is good....!!!

I hanged out yesterday with Stallion, Moey, and Nibaq.....

I met Stallion at DD salmia and we reserved the top floor for the meeting, Moey came later and we headed to this sheesha joint (Gahwa), I for some reason began to doze off, and felt like I needed to sleep, I think my brain shut down cause I don't recall any of our conversations......!!!

Nibaq came, and I think we talked about food, because I think we headed to our cars to drop something and went walking (which is unusual in Kuwait) to see from where we'll eat....!!!

we past through this new joint called Brinker and it was empty, Nibaq said something about an advise not to go to an empty restaurant, cause it's empty for a reason, I don't recall why we didn't go with the advise, we just went there.....!!!

I remember that it was cozy and calm, dim lights and a good place to sleep in, and it was in the same building as "Fareej swailih".....!!!

I ordered chicken liver and the chefs salad, Moey had ceasar's salad, and something, Nibaq had Lasagnia, and weird yummy bread.....!!!
all was good I liked the liver, but the portions of each order was gigantic.....!!!

I dozed again while eating and I think Moey and Nibaq realized that......!!!
the rest is blank and I can't remember what happened.....!!!
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