Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just another day in paradise....!!!

today's issue is shocking for the ignorant readers, these crimes happen in your house under your nose with ur aproval....!!!

each house has a family... each family has properties such as cars, freezers, tv's, and "maids"....!!!

maids are concedered as property rather than human biengs in the middle east....!!!
and since i am of these lands, i will discuss and show u what maids in kuwait suffer from, hopping other nationalities like the saudies or other gulf oil countries have to say in this matter.....!!!

is back ..... with a dildo in her hands...!!!

imagine ur self as poorly educated, financialy chalenged, with no mony to support ur family, the only choice for that is to be a woman, prfered young, and willing to serve some rich family in a rich country where the diffrence in exchanging that rich countries currency to yours would chase around 1:300 or 1:1000 ...

soo what do u do......?!?!?!

stay home...?!?!?!
or suffer for 2 or 3 years there to come back ... a family waits for u... a happy family, with a decent home and store with a respectable income, and most important for that matter... all ur depts will be gone.....!!!

so u go ask some one who knows and charges u with a huge amount in order to find a way for u to go there.....!!!

after u sell every thing (that means ur house, brothers house, ur jowellery, force ur children to work over time since they are working and droped out of school, ... etc) and manage to get all the papers needed and give this some one his share of the cake, u finally go to this heaven....

u do not nottice the hostile treatment of the airport staff, ..........

the end of part one...

خلصت كلامي....