Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Who da hell r u....?!?!

Each time I check my e-mail I get an email from her, her name is "Sharie"....!!!
and for the past 9 months she b'n bugging me week after week....!!!

grow up lady, I don't go that way (at least not with u)....!!!
some times she gather some of her friends and send me their pics.....!!!
Angela, Fhahira, and Fofo....!!!
some of them look like people I see in T.V. fofo looks exactly like 7alima bolind.....!!!
last night I wanted to see what's wrong with her so I read her letter she said:

"I am a 23-year-old working in Kuwait at the moment. Life here is very boring so I'm hoping I'll meet anyone from here who'll make my life interesting. I've been told I'm sweet, intelligent and cute. Generous and always ready to lend a hand with all my friends, a nature-lover. Gentle, shy-type and quiet person "
so what would I do with all of this....
do a salad....?!?!
and in the end there is a pic of her I wanted to post it but respect to the viewers of this blog I'd rather not....
damn u "love happens" formerly known as "Tickle matchmaking"....!!!
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