Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just another day in paradise....!!!

today's issue is shocking for the ignorant readers, these crimes happen in your house under your nose with ur aproval....!!!

each house has a family... each family has properties such as cars, freezers, tv's, and "maids"....!!!

maids are concedered as property rather than human biengs in the middle east....!!!
and since i am of these lands, i will discuss and show u what maids in kuwait suffer from, hopping other nationalities like the saudies or other gulf oil countries have to say in this matter.....!!!

is back ..... with a dildo in her hands...!!!

imagine ur self as poorly educated, financialy chalenged, with no mony to support ur family, the only choice for that is to be a woman, prfered young, and willing to serve some rich family in a rich country where the diffrence in exchanging that rich countries currency to yours would chase around 1:300 or 1:1000 ...

soo what do u do......?!?!?!

stay home...?!?!?!
or suffer for 2 or 3 years there to come back ... a family waits for u... a happy family, with a decent home and store with a respectable income, and most important for that matter... all ur depts will be gone.....!!!

so u go ask some one who knows and charges u with a huge amount in order to find a way for u to go there.....!!!

after u sell every thing (that means ur house, brothers house, ur jowellery, force ur children to work over time since they are working and droped out of school, ... etc) and manage to get all the papers needed and give this some one his share of the cake, u finally go to this heaven....

u do not nottice the hostile treatment of the airport staff, ..........

the end of part one...

خلصت كلامي....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

الطريق الي شويخ

ليش مستغربين الزحمة
اذا كنتوا تدرون انه كل سنة قاعدة تطلع 30 الف رخصة
قيادة و 60 الف سيارة تنزل الشوارع اللي مو قاعدة تتوسع.......!!؟
!و تلاحظون توزيع المناطق و الطرق مو مدروس و ما كانو حاطين بعين الاعتبار التوسع و الزيادة السكانية و الديموغرافية للبشر و السيارات في الكويت.....يعني طلبة الجامعة كمثال....خصوصا طلبة كلية العلوم الادارية او الطب المساعد او قسم الاعلام او غيرهم من الي يداومون بشويخ.....شارع حارتين....!!!
طلبة اربع كليات و قسمين من كيفان......!!!هذول مو اقل من 10000 طالب و طالبة .....!!!!نقول 7500 منهم يسوق سيارته للجامعة و الباجي يروح مع السايق......!!هذول 10000 سيارة بس لطلبة جامعة الكويت.....!!!بشارع لاينين......!!!و 3 مداخل كل واحد منهم يدخل السيارات وحدة وحدة...عندنا بعد طلبة التطبيقي و المعاهد مشاركين الجامعة بنفس الدوار ....!!!خل نقول انهم 6000 طالب و طالبة معاهم سياييرهم......!!!حسبوا....نفس الشارع بو لاينين و دوار و 16000 سيارة بيدخلون من 3 بوابات (بوابتين في نفس الشارع للجامعة و بوابة براس الدوار للتطبيقي).....!!!موظفي و دكاترة و مراجعي مستشفيات الرازي و الصباح و الطب النفسي و الولادة و امراض الحساسية يمرون بنفس هالشارع هذا لأنه ماكو طريج غيره.....خل نقول انهم 7000 مع سياييرهم غير سيارات الاسعاف.....!!!دروب تاكل القاع و الحسّابة بتحسب........!!!ادارة الاحداث و محاكمهم و الموظفين خل نقول 300 و لا ننسى معهد الابحاث و موظفينه 500 .......!!!هذول للحين 238000 سيارة تاكل هالشارع بو لاينين رايح بس من الساعة ثمان الصبح موعد دوام "الكل" يعني الدكتور و الطالب و الطالب و الطالب و الطبيب و المرض و العالم و الباحث و الاخصائي النفساني و المدمن و و و و و و كلهم يبدون دواماتهم من الساعة 8.......!!!23 الف سيارة و شوي على لاينين متى يوصلون و شلون و ليش......!!!و بالاخير تستغربون ليش عندنا ..... زحمة.......!!!يعني الدوريات شنو بتسوي اذا الدوريات بتجابل هالشارع راح تزيد الزحمة ماراح تمشي السير......!!!المنطق يحتم علينا انه ننسى صناديق التنمية و ماي سبيل الغرب و "الاشقاء" و نجابل روحنا و نوزع مرافق الخدمات حسب التوزيعة السكانية و الديموغرافية.....!!!
آسف طولت كالعادة
خلصت كلامي.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I hate gay people....!!!

whats wrong with gay people......!!!

for starters I hate them.....
and these are my reasons:

1-they like dicks.... (not in a normal way-->whatever that means)

2-they want to be like Opera...!!! (I hate her too)

3-they are interested in stupid girly things....!!! (fashion and stuff)

4-have you ever seen a lesbian drag qween .....!!! I saw one in kuwait and "it" was of ####### nationality

do you have more....

then add up the reasons to hate them more.....

finished speaking

do the french wear a feather on their heads....!!!

all of us had heard about the kidnaps all over iraq, and the butchering scenes that comes associated with...

many nationalities have been victimized by kidnaping and or throat slitting one of thier citizins....

iraqis been kidnaped and killed....

egyptians also along side brittish, italian, japs, koriens, americans, ..etc

but why when the fucks kidnap some french assholes that every stupid stands up and demand the hostiges release let alone harming them......!!!

whats with french that makes them valeuble and the others not....!!!

why would the clergies and islamic imams demand the release of these hostiges, while none of them reacted with the killing of the muslem hostiges of egypt and jordan....?!?!

if you have the answers please tell me....

finished speaking

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ready.. Steady... blog....!!!

salam to all who have joined me in this bloggerical page of mine....
what can I say on behalf of this bloga....?!?!?!
well.. concider this as a ride or as a crash course in a kuwaiti style...!!!
I dont have a spicific bloggarithmic theme for this page.. but believe me it's going to be amusing for all of us...
the "From 3ohah" is simply a bloggish copy of "دولة عـوهة العظمى " where i have created a fictional country in this small island of 3ohah...
for you who who does'n't know 3ohah "عـوهة "...
well... it's a small island in the arabian (or persian) gulf that belongs to a series of kuwaiti islands*
ahm.. check it out and till what do you htink about it...?!?!
خلّصت كلامي

*for further information please visit this link