Friday, February 29, 2008

The 39th Bloggers Meeting.....!!!

yep it's this time of month..

continuing the tradition, from 5pm to 8pm in Second cup the financial district opposite the stock market.
it's open to every one, so feel free to drop by anytime.....!!!
see you there...!!!
the event is also on Facebook.....!!!

غدا اجتماع البلوغرز التاسع و الثلاثون في الكويت، بمقهى (القلاص الثاني) سيكوند كب المقابل للبورصة، من الساعة الخامسة و حتى الثامنة مساءا

الاجتماع مفتوح للجميع و بامكانكم احضار من ترغبون معكم، سنكون بانتظاركم

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Captain Abu Raed......!!!

"Captain Abu Raed" is the first Jordanian feature film, it's directed by fellow Jordanian blogger Amin Matalqa, and it's released tonight in Zarra Cinema......!!!

Nadim Sawalha is starring in the film, you might know him from the "Pink Panther" movies, and Syriana.

the film recieved many good reviews such as from Stephen Farber .....!!!

so if you got the chance to watch the film please do......!!!

p.s: I'll post my review tomorrow, so stay tuned...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gulf Films Week kicks off.....!!!

during Al-Arabi Magazine celebrations for it's 50th anniversary, Kuwait Cinema Club and Cinescape invites you to a week of Gulf films, this might be your only oppertunity to watch the first Omani film "Al-Boom", or the Amazing Saudi documentary "Cinema 500 km" , there will be also screenings to some of the best Gulf shorts, along with the Kuwaiti films "Sharq" and Habeeb Husain's "Symphonic Poem"......!!!

the week starts today (Feb. 3rd) with the Bahraini film "A Bahraini Tale"(حكاية بحرينية) by Bassam Al-Thawadi and starring Saad Abdulla and Fatima Abdulrahim... the film will start at 7pm in Al-Sha'ab Cinema.

then tomorrow (Feb. 4th), there gonna be the Symposium Gulf Cinema: Reality & Challanges at 11am in J.W. Marriott, and at the same day a conference will be held for the Masoud Amr Allah the head of Dubai and Gulf Film Festivals at 5:30pm in Al-Sha'ab Cinema, after that Saudi films will be screened at 7pm in Al-Sha'ab Cinema... "Shadowless Women"(نساء بلا ظل), "Child of the Sky"(طفلة السماء), and the much anticipated "Cinema 500 km" which was written and directed by Abdullah Al-Eyaf. The film talks about movie fanatic's first trip to a cinema......!!!

and on Teusday (Feb. 5th), we start at 2pm in Al-Sha'ab Cinema with Kuwaiti short films like "Sharq", "Khalid's Beutiful Mind", "Sabir on The Sea", "When The Angel Leave", and our own Animation "Kuwaituna", there might be a screening for Miqdad Al-Qout's "Paradoxes".... and at 7pm Short films from Qatar and UAE will be screened, "Al-Jassasia"(الجساسية), "Huboob"(هبوب), "Al-Ghabnah"(الغبنة), "Blaze Birds" (عصافير القيظ), "Stuck Face" (وجه عالق), "Sperits" (ارواح), "On Road" (على طريق), "Silence Mirrors" (مرايا الصمت), and "Return of The Maha" (عودة المها).

The next day wednesday (Feb. 6th), Kuwaiti shorts will also be screened from 2pm in Al-Sha'ab Cinema before the screening of the first Omani feature film "Al-Boom" by Khaled Abdul Raheem Al-Zadjali at 7pm, which is based on my favourite classic "Waiting For Godot" (I played the role of Vladimir).......!!!

The last day Thursday (Feb. 7th) at 7pm in the National Museum of Kuwait will feature Habeeb Husain's much anticipated "Symphonic Poem" (قصيد سيمفوني) which is on the great Kuwaiti musician Sulaiman Al Deikan, I saw some clips in the post production and it is a remarcable work that you shouldn't miss......!!!

if you have any inquiry please contact Kuwait Cinema Club at: 2420848 ext: 124

no kids are allowed, so don't bring them, and please turn your mobiles off or at least to silent.....!!!

p.s: I'm late because I have my finals....!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The 38th Bloggers Meeting.....!!!

just click bloggers meeting label and you'll understand.......!!!

same place, same time, and we don't bite.......!!!