Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brokebat Mountain.....!!!

it's a long subject, insulting, and some will be annoyed, I dedicate this post to a friend of mine who loves Batman soo much that he made me hate the dark knight... this is to you Faisal..

Batman's "Dark Knight" suck ass big time, and thats before seeing it.. the viral campaign in particular gave us headache just to find a portion of a photo, or a teaser......!!!

I didn't like Spiderman 3 alot, the only decent thing was Sandman, Batman begins was good but not to the point of masterpiece, I like the realistic approach, how they tryed to make it as believable as they can be, the same goes for the Punisher

back to the issue, I really do believe the creators of Batman were disturbed, to create a psycho schizophrenic maniac, who wear spandex and use boys and girls to aid him in "crime fighting", keep little boys in tights in his basement, likes to be in caves, and has them hide their identity and never tell their parents about their night activities, he loves the dark, don't talk too much, and hide behind a mask.....!!!

this was the first clue that the Bat behind the lad was pinkish....!!!

the Bat starts his day with a Ward's "BIG BREAKFAST".....!!!
I wonder if MJ learned it from him

I wonder if this is his idea for a birthday "gifit"(many will not understand it)

if you wondered where the Joker stands, let's just say he tryed his luck......!!!

if you ever wondered what style Robin uses I'm glad to say it's "Butt Fu" personally totured by the Big man himself.....!!!

ofcourse many times it backfires and friendly fire occur.....!!!

when that happens batman steps to guide him well

what is he exactly, I leave the judgement to you.

ندوة تحالف الطقاقات التصفيقي.....!!!؟

اقام حزب المو وتنيين مناظرة ساخطة في القهوة الشعبية مساء امس احتجاجا على الظواهر الدخيلة التي ما تنكفيء ان تنتشر وسط النسيج الاجتماعي الكويتي
و حضر حشد لافت المناظرة جلهم من رواد القهوة مؤيدا و متعاطفا للحملة التي ناوءت مناظرة جمعية الخريجين
النائب الداعية العلامة الطهطاوي الاكزومبي صرح بانه شهد و حاكي عقالي خلال مرورهما بجمعية الخريجين متجهين للندوة ان السيايير ترس المواقف، و قد صرح حاكي مستشفا لما يعنيه ذلك من التلعلع و الصراخ و الضرنطية ستتسيد الموقف هناك، و لن يستطيع المنظمون من كبح جماح الحضور و تعليقاتهم
و في مداخلته لما جاء على لسان الطهطاوي الاكزومبي عن زيارة دار العجزة المتوقعة يوم السبت القادم، قال النائب المصلح الاجتماعي كراكوتا بانه حَر و خل نقعد داخل.....!!!؟
النائب التشريبي بو مريوم حضر كالعادة متأخرا عن الاجتماع، و لكنه ابهر الحضور بعرض وثائقه و ادلته بالصور و الحجة و اللسان المعسول، و قد بين حقيقة العلاقة الخفية التي تربط النائب الزميل الطهطاوي الاكزومبي بالمرشح السابق و مقدم البرامج السابق، و المطقوق سابقا و الملقب بـ" تسيسن رب".......!!!؟
النائب الاكزومبي دافع عن ذلك بقوله بان النربي زميل سابق، و ان النائب حاكي عقالي مصالحه المشتركة معه اقوى و الجدير بالذكر ان حاكي قد حاول دهن سير اكزومبي و منعنه من نشر صور فاضحة و خليعة تبين تعاون المدعو مع عناصر معادية للحزب عن طريق اهداءه رهش الوطن/الشمالي/الكواكب، لكن محاولته باءت بالفشل بعد نسيانه ان يعطيه نصيبه بعد فض المناظرة.....!!!؟
هذا و قد طالب الجمهور الحزب المو وتني بعمل لقاء اعلامي في المستقبل القريب للرد على اتهامات اللحاف الوتني الديكتاتوري بان المنجة في متناول يد الجميع.....!!!؟
كما اعلن الالحزب عن تعاقده مع مصمم الازياء سعيد حسنين التشريبي لتصميم تي شيرتات حزبية و مغّات و كتب و بوسترات ستكون في متناول الجميع قريبا
انشر و لك الاجر
ملاحظة: الي عنده اي نشاط و حاب يشارك في معرض او ما يشابهه يا ريت يراسلني على الايميل

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dung Full Panda, The Happening, and Indiana Who.....!!!

I saw Kung Fu Panda and The Happening yesterday at the cinema, and Indiana's movie last week, in all I was disappointed from these films, they had the elements to flick but they failed to flicker, could it be after watching great films like There Will Be Blood, Iron Man, and The Bucket List, such puny movies fail in comparison.....?!

Kung Fu Panda was great in terms of animation, and fight scenes, the scenes were amazing, the story is something else, and Jack Black is... well, is Jack Black, don't get me wrong I like him alot, the thing is I want him to search for a new role, and not hide behind the shadow of the late Chris Farley.....!!!

that was the first thing that came through my mind when I saw the movie; this is a Chris Farley movie, to be specific: Beverly Hills Ninja....!!!

I liked these characters that made me really smile Randall Duk Kim (will be playing the role of Grandpa Gohan in Dragonball next year) as Master Oogwai, and James Hong as Mr. Ping Po's father.. some of the slapstick humor from Jack gets to you from now and then.....!!!

it's watchable, it's funny, but it's too childish to my taste......!!!

The Happening, I was afraid M. Night wouldn't budge from his filmamking signia (the Predictable Unpredictability) but I was wrong, he wrote a story you heard of before, and he gave you the reasons from the beginning and he gave you all the clues where this movie is going, it was good, I liked the movie more than the rest, but he lacked so many things, the movie in no way can be related to The Sixth Sense, nor Signs or Unbreakable, this is lower than Lady In The Water in terms of story building......!!!

the acting was bad, the dialogue was just as bad, Wahlberg sounded like a naked puppy in a sauna, and the lamest character was his wife(in film) Zooey Deschanel, there were some decent acting led by John Leguizamo and Spencer Breslin (The Kid)......!!!
so what happened to the horror in M. Night films.....?!

nothing much cept he replaced it by graphic death scenes, which alone lifted the movie meter abit and gave me an idea how to manly end my life......!!!

the characters in general were 2 dimensional if lucky, the girl was a filler in the movie, and the romantic crap at the end almost convinced me to ask back the 5jds I payed for the ticket.....!!!

even after saying all of that, this movie was nothing in comparison to Speilberg's shit Indiana Hermit Jones: Rise of The Shia Louboff.....!!! the Tintin director gave us his worst movie ever, the amount of CGI and green screen sets made me feel like watching Speed Racer.....!!!

I really tryed hard to watch it with open mind, I didn't like the previous Indy films, but now, Raiders of the lost Ark is good in my book. Cate Blanchett was top notch, Shia was better than Ford. the story was a mistake, Indy was old and bairly walking, he wasn't convincing me that Indiana was able to do these stunts, the chase scenes had no relation to the story, again the CGI was annoyingly unfinished, the sword fights on top of the cars was a good idea, but what we saw was an abomination! I can give you a list on the stupid things in the movie more than what I think of our MPs.....!!!

the ants, the magnet box, the first chase, the water falls, the Spanish tomp fight scene with the weird locals, the fridge and the atomic crap bomb, the Superman Returns/Star Wars "he's your son!/Luke.. I am your Father" cheesy scene, the E.T./Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind tribute, teenage parenthood, the quicksand/snake escape, and hundreds more don't close to the Alien farce in the end of the movie.....!!!

I stop here..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

EXzombie is not quirky.....!!!

tagged by Chigi and written by Shezombie

The Rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.

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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

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EXzombie's 6 Quirks (remember it's written by Shezombie):

1. u choose to stay in areas where the temperature doesn't exceed 15°C

2. u flirt with other girls just for the heck of it, i know so and get angry and you know so and you get happy and i know so and i love my gealousy even more that its making you happy, yet want to beat you

3. ur too lazy to do this tag, so u asked me to do it, and ur whining why im not doing it fast @@ GRRRR, yet i keep on writing!

4. when the "Conan" mode is on i really get frustrated with all this chauvinist thing, yet enjoy it and laugh my head off when you say "WOMAN" do this or do that.

5. we always end a fight with a laugh, ur usually the trigger for those laughs we share, and when u take my place and be the not so funny one i tell you "remember its my part to be the silly one not you!"

6. with EXzombie appearances don't make sense, ur instinct doesn't make sense, ur prediction of who he is don't too! its a whole different ball game when u know him.

7. careful when u say im hungry to EXzombie, he might literally order the whole menu.

I tag:

1. ابو حفص الدودكي

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Berzerker Traps......!!!

Dim lights...

neon wearing off, far right, the light is twitching in ecstasy...

a pile of books scattered in theatrical way, to show any doomed soul that he who is is smart and knowy... another pile seared of the floor of pirated movies, Sony, Maxtor, Axe, and Diamond, many names to which met his floor, in here no one is above nor beyond, a rug was in the middle full of burnt coal, shards of wood, and rice.....!!!

in the corner layed an entity, darker than the voids in him, two black holes engulfing the sun stand high where eyes should be, shaded by the devil's wings frowning, warning ignorant fools never to cross him, scared berserker, that what he is, he carrys the medals of his battles and quests on his body, he growls alone, dissing the cage he keeps his demon in, he is afraid, but this fear is only the bait that presents him with his prey, he seeks what he hates, he filters what he want, he place traps, jaded signs, bluntness, and pervertness, all these coat him, he enclosed himself in this repulsive layer of intimidation and menace, but and only but, selectively, the berserker recede his aggressiveness to the ones who withstand the maze of horrendousness...

by then the prey is prisoned forevermore.....!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Couples only.....!!!

يا وردة يا ندية روحي لخلي ييبي الهدية

اللحمة ضاني و راضي.. ضاني و راضي و الل

اقول انا يا عبدالله راحت عليك... اييه و الله

الـ11 رقمك ماهو كافي.. ما هووو بكافي و الله

العزاء اليوم بالروضة الساعة تسع و نص مساءا و نرجو حضور الكبلز فقط منعا للاحراج

هذا الاعلان مدفوع الاجر من قبل اللحاف الوطني الديكتاتوري

انشر و لك الاجر