Monday, February 26, 2007

I want my camel......!!!

I will fight for my camel, and will not rest till you give it to me......!!!

I know I didn't go to the doctor, but I was told by a doctor that they will only stall me till the holidays end, so I'll be going tomorrow, and enshalla once the cast or what ever is put I'll post a picture......!!!

now I want my camel, and I won't care if you called me lazy, indian (after hearing the podcast) and that your phone was swamped with cocunut oil, a bad guy, and I don't like my hand, I want my camel, or you wont have a Rababa the next time I'll be in Kuwait......!!!


Safat's 27th bloggers meeting......!!!

next thursday 1st of march will be the 27th Safat bloggers meeting, we want you to be there...

but first, do you want the meeting be held at the same location, in DD Salmia, or you want to change the location.....?!?!

give us your suggestions, and thanks....

We are Bloggers We Don't Bite.....!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

To my beloved...KUWAIT....!!!

my love to you in unmatched by love of mortals..... I know that because I can see how empty I am when I tear myself away from you My Kuwait, ohh my beloved, I linger each time I'm here. and try to avoid my departure, I miss you already, even when your children have spread corrupt and Fasad on your soil......!!!

I remember my Father during the invasion of Kuwait and what he told me about this country that cemented my entity to this kind earth: "a man without a home is lost.... a man without a cause is ossified.... a man without a country is inexistant.....!!!" that was all I had to hear to understand why I loved Kuwait, not because Kuwait gave me all, Kuwait gave me life, Kuwait is my mother, father, brothers and sisters, it me, and you, and all of us, and withen us and for us.....

I work each day to prove my worth to Kuwait, representing us abroad in a manner that force other nations to understand and know the real Kuwaitis, the highly educated, generous, and lavish, strongly attached to our mother land....

I have my pride for being Kuwaiti, patriotism, and utmost struggle to insure nothing but the best for my country......

and that's what motivate me to fight and face anyone and every one who is or invloved with the Fasad on Kuwait.....!!! I'm not afraid, nor frightened by thier ways to scare us from pursueing and expose thier criminal acts......!!!

we need to implement the spirit of Kuwait and patriotism in the heart of each child, teach them the sacred importance of the flag, and face who ever desecrate our symbol, wither by inverting the flag which now a days every one is ok with it.

I must say that celebrating the National Independance day is not by foaming others and hurting them and the filthy literring of the streets.......!!! it's by working our best to riase our country from the ashes that the past generations burned in negligence.......!!!

show the love for Kuwait not two days in the year, but 700 days in the year........!!!


موطني ... موطني
الجلال و الجمال و السناء و البهاء في رباك.... في رباك
و الحياة و النجاة و الهناء و الرجاء في هواك.... في هواك
هل اراك... هل اراك... سالما منعما و غانما مكرما... سالما منعما و غانما مكرما
هل اراك في علاك تبلغ السما ... تبلغ السما..موطني..موطني
موطني.... موطني.الشباب لن يكل همه ان تستقل او يبيد .... او يبيد
نستقي من الردى و لن نكون للعدى كالعبيد.... كالعبيد
لا نريد.... لا نريد ذلنا المؤبد و عيشنا المنكد.. ذلنا المؤبد و عيشنا المنكد لا نريد...لا نريد
بل نعيد بل نعيد مجدنا التليد .... مجدنا التليد موطني ....موطني
موطني موطني
الحسام و اليراع لا الكلام و النزاع رمزنا...رمزنا
مجدنا و عهدنا وواجب الى الوفاء يهزنا...يهزنا
عزنا...عزنا غاية تشرف و راية ترفرف غاية تشرف و رايه ترفرف
يا هناه..ياهناه في علاه...في علاه قاهرا عداه قاهرا عداه موطني...موطني

قصيدة ابراهيم طوقان
يا عيد عدت فأين الروض والعود
والهف نفسي وأين الراح والغيد
بل أين أحباب قلبي والمواعيد
عيدٌ بأي حال عدت يا عيدُ
بما مضى أم لأمر فيك تجديدُ ؟
شعر احمد العسكر

Friday, February 23, 2007

Karaoki Night at The Don Show......!!!

now you get to hear the talants......!!!

yep, you're gonna hear the talanted Forzaq8 R'n'B-ing with Tat's rap......!!!

EXzombie has prepared a new song......!!!
and if singing the gayest song you ever heard in the history of music is not enough wait till you hear the songs we choose to sing for you.....!!!

I have a bad feeling about this podcast, stay tuned and wish us luck.......!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

stalling purg to out some retards.....!!!

I was supposed to post about Purg's 1000 post (a really long post), and the ministry of health's issue, but I think I broke my right hand and that's why I can't continue writing before I fall sleep.....!!!

the palm is blue and red, looks wierd and irritates me when typing, I hear a click at the the base of the hand......!!!

so instead I'll adress who ever heard the podcast and didn't like it......!!!

so what.....!!!

that's your opinion, you have the right to it, and I have my right to think and express what I want, now the show isn't mine, and I don't control anything in it, I'm a guest in the show, and it's up to Tat to tell me that the show would be better without me..... so shut the fuck up and don't bother 7araming or 7alaling every thing, can't you understand, you're talking to the wrong guy in a wrong way trying to convince me on a worng couse......!!!

Nibaq, K, Stall, Maze, iDip, and Purgy murgy...... we need to talk.......!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Skypation of the Don Show......!!!

I know I'm late again as always.....!!!

I just heard the latest episode of "The Don Show: Skypecast", that had Ananyah& Blasha, among the usual Tat, Forzaq8, and me, the show talked on different levels and different subjects.

One of them was Are Bloggers Bitches.....?!?!, and what is the difference between bitches and whores, Ananiah answering the quistions about her bisexuality, and who's who on term of gayness in the Safat Bloggersphere, the Shawarma, and Tat trying to market his stripping and force it on his guests, we talked a bit about "q8tyblogger-egyptian guitarist renown muslim-wannabee" and how he became gay to convert gay people to his new religion, why Ananiah was kicked out of Safat, and the New National Anthem, performed by Forza.......!!!

that was part one of a really long podcast, which we used skype to enjoy the company of the girls in both Kuwait and Scotland. Hear it and give us your thoughts, but before that here is a guideline to know who's who in the podcast:

the Nigga wanna be"mutha Fucka" guy is Tat
the Calm Silent Blogger/Singer is Forzaq8
the Uncontrolable Egyptian MANIAC is EXzombie
the deKuwaitized Bitchologist blogger is Ananiah
the Shy calmer is Blasha

Thursday, February 15, 2007

هلاع فبراير

ابشروا بالعقد و اقبعوا في منازلكم، فان الديرة هالجم يوم مو لكم.....!!! الله يكون بعون من يجبره حظه العثر ان يطيح بشارع الخليج.....!!! بس ترى ما عندي سالفة بس حبيت اغير الحموضة الي بالبلوغ.....؟!؟!؟

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EXzombie's heart beats solo tonight.....!!!

yeah you know it from the podcast, I'm single again, and it sucks.......!!!

really sucks, not because I miss her, I actually don't, but because I trusted her......!!!
so I'll fulfill my 2007 resolution without her.....!!!

"That I was cruel is true… that you have suffered indescribably I realize; but I was to suffer more, I believe and know."
Soren Kierkegaard (1849)

I'm fed up with the boyfriend-girlfriend nonsence......!!!
I need a Soulmate.....!!!

I've been thinking about marriage along time ago, actually since I left to Jordan, there it hit me hard, I felt something missing, and that was a Woman in my life, I don't need a girl or spoiled kids to keep me occupied, I need a real woman, I had enough from the brats bitching and mouning, I need a solid relationship, not twisted fantasies, I don't want someone who is in love with someone who isn't me (actually me, but 5 years ago), I don't want lies, bullshit, and cyber fucking......!!!

yeah you're not mistaken..... calmness, I need the abyss to swallow my rage, the Sheeth to hide my edge, I need a strong soul to handle me, I don't want someone who is afraid of me, I need her to be in love with me, and to handle my ardor and zealous nature......!!!

in other words, I like to dedicate this next poem to Dear ol'Frankom, why....?!?!
because in my opinion he is the only guy in Safat that is living the real love, I wish him the best of luck, and he deserves nothing less, live long and prosper and بالمبارك ......!!!

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
by Kit McCallum
Cherished are the memories
thatBrought us to this day,
For yesterday, was just a dream ...
A wish to contemplate.
A fantasy where in my mind,
A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...
A vision of the true desires
I longed for endlessly.
And when I dreamed,
I did not knowThe love I'd feel today;
The height of my true feelings,
And the depths they would portray.
And if I had one wish today,
A simple wish t'would be ...
Is that the love we feel this moment,
Lasts eternally.
Reality has merged now
As you stand here by my side;
And as I join your hand in mine,
My heart does fill with pride.
For as I pledge my love to you,
I see in many ways,
Reflections of my love for you
Are mirrored in your gaze.
And by our presence here today,
And for the love we share,
I thank you for our yesterdays
That brought us to be here.
But more than this,
I vow to you,
My wishes yet to come ...
Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,
This day that we are one.
Tomorrow's an adventure
That we'll share together now;
Our future's intertwined forever,
Through this holy vow.
I promise to remember
In the future years and days,
The love I feel for you this moment
Dreams fulfilled today.
For in the coming years as we
Move on, and reminisce,
Back to the day I stood with you
And promised with a kiss ...
That blessed are the days that
I have looked into your eyes,
And felt the warmth and love reflect,
The essence of our lives.
Yesterday we dreamed of what might be;
Today we validate our love;
And tomorrow we will cherish the life we have shared as one

Safat's first event.....!!!

as many of you might already know, we are planing to have the first Safat event, open to all bloggers, male and female, wither a trip or an event, right now it's set to these choices....

1-Paint ball tournament, behind the Aquapark, I just need conformations from whos comming in order to reserve the field, and I wan't to know which day would be suitable for you, thursday from 5PM till God knows when.....!!! (should check with K to see how to reserve the field)

2- the Shooting range tryouts, try the real thing in a safe environment, this would be in a saturday since the shooting range doesn't open in holydays......!!!

3- brunch, anywhere anytime, and anything.....!!!

so please choose and give me a conformation to your participation ASAP, wither in the comments or to my e-mail......!!!

thanks again,

I'm going tomorrow to the paint ball field and see what can we manage....!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Never miss the Ultra Super TatShow podcast.....!!!

dear anyone,

don't miss out on hearing the latest podcast production of the TatSHOW......!!!

this episode is an Ultra Super Valintine Special Episode: Bloggers Blackhole......!!!
there are many bloggers mentioned in this podcast.....!!!

give us your feedback on the podcast.....!!!

The Joker Killed EXzombie.....!!!

so we finished from shooting most of the scenes, was fun to experiment a little, I did the Joker's makeup, which took a lot of time to do, around an hour and a half......!!!

I finished my scenes except for one where reporters sworm around me....!!!

and I saw some of the raw fotage, it was great, some scenes were amazing, the Joker's backlight after he ties me up was freakishly amazing.....!!!

Faris did an amazing job in drafting the scenes and cutting them, we actually saw glimpse of the movie.... but still we need to shoot the rest of the scenes, maybe when we finish we will post it in Youtube......!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

EXzombie will be killed today.....!!!

yeah, it's true.....!!!

and guess who's gonna kill me....!!!

the Joker......!!!

yeah, apparently not only will I be shooting a short film today, but I'll be appearing in it too.....!!!
I'll be playing the role of a Judge, not "Dread", and the Joker is going to kill me using a Gun......!!!

I know it doesn't sound like the Joker, but I won't complain.....!!!
I'll keep you updated soon....!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

MMA fucks WWF to smitherenes

as mentioned in my last post, watching WWF was a ritual and a must for every kid in the 80's......!!!

seeing large angry muscled men fight and kick the hell out of them was part of our "education", we were raised as men by men to do men's stuff......!!!

but as figuring out Santa is fake, we started noticing wristlers ground kick gave no power nor had effect on the floored victem, ie. we tried it our selves and each time I do the hogan kick I end up hurting my leg and the floored kid getting up, this cycle of throwing the kid on the ground and me kicking the ground and swooshing the sound of impact soon crept to my nieve brain cells to tell me something is not right, I began to watch closely what I've been missing, why havn't the kicks, or the rope throws work why I end up hurting myself more.....?!?!

as I watched for hours and days the tapes, I soon realized wristlers didn't actually hurt each other, there were some contact and blood, but nothing that serious, I was mad at first to see that Andre the Giant was a fraud, Ultimate Worriors patriotic speaches were gibrish (till now I don't understand what the fuck did he say back then.....!!! come to think of it no one did......!!!), Hulk's T-shirt tearing was theatrical, and all was but a play to fool me.....!!!


the last time I saw a WWF match was when they toured in Kuwait.......!!!
that's it, I went there, had a sweety shirt from brit heart, threw it away a week later, it smelled like a fucking elliphant shit, it was like someone "Downloaded" his entire food chain on the T-shirt, I remember my mom vomiting every time she passed through my room, it smelled like a fucked up gang raped dead guy has taking a shit in my room.......!!! so they burned it and I grew up on WWF......!!!

but I needed violence, I needed to see blood, at that time, a video tape called "Ultimate Fight" was mistakingly had fallen into my hand, I saw the fights and saw real blood, I saw real fighters, no, gladiators fight, in the octagon......!!!

I liked it, I liked the idea of a Karate V.S KungFu, Judo V.S. jujitsu, and much more, this was the second torniment, so I asked about it, they told me they only had this tape since the previous tornement wasn't allawed to enter Kuwait due to brutality of this game.......!!!

it took me years before I finally find them again, although I had many tapes of other fights, but I always wanted the UFC, thanks to "Kazaa" I downloaded many clips and fights, and introduced me to some of the most fearsome fighters you'll ever see......!!!

one of whom is Sakuraba, a Japanese wrestler, he's not big, not heavy handed, he only had guts, and amazing ground submissions to fuck up your life the minute your fight with him is shifted to the floor......!!!

Sakuraba, also known as the Gracies Hunter, and I.Q. Fighter, was smart and talanted, he was Japans hero when he fought Royce Gracie, UFC hall of famer, and winner of UFC1,2, and 4.......!!!

he not only defeated him but he defeated the whole Gracie Jujitsu family, and thier students......!!!
he taunted them, turtered them and humiliated them in front of the world.......!!!

I leave you with these clip, but be warned they are aggressive and extreme.......!!!

if you are gay.... why the fuck are you reading my blog.....?!?!
if you are a WWF fan, watch and learn my friend, this is the real deal......!!!
if you are a girl, oooooow, see half naked men fight and sweat like crazy......!!!

Bob Sapp V.S. Kazuyuki Fujita

Quinton "rampage" Jackson vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Yoon Dong Sik

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Ken Shamrock

Igor Vovchanchyn Highlight Reel

Mark Kerr Highlight


80's maties......!!!

cawabonga dudes'n dudets....!!!

Grandizer post had me thinking a bit about our time.....!!!you know the oldies.....!!!

good time but suck at fashion.....!!!
not as shitty as the 90's but it won't reach the 70's......!!!
the 80's had the shittiest hair-cuts, clothing fashion, and pubic hair......!!!

I guess summing the whole 80's is kinda long so I'll stick with what REALLY grasped my attintion.....!!!

>"That's Increadable Show" was stupid.....!!!

some of the stunts were mentaly retarded, like jumping to a glass of water, eating the glass, and seeing how a snake can eat a rat.....!!!
the trade mark slogan "believe it or not" is still stuck in my brain.......!!!

>"Takeshi's castle" (الحصن) rocked big time....!!!I loved this show which was called (الحصن-قلعة تاكيشي), I wished and still do that we have a similar show, it's not too late.....!!!

takeshi's castle

germany had a similar show but had it as a contest between towns, how about we do it in between Qurtuba and Surra......!!! or Dasma V.S Bnaid elgar......!!!(pic)

>the first time I saw the "eraser-pen" I thought this is fucked up, my world would crumble.....!!!we knew lead in the pencils can be erased, and pens don't, it gave us an edge.......!!! not any more....!!!(pic)

>the rubbery long pencilI kicked soo many asses with this tool, but it was crap for a writing pencil, I couldn't hold it still, write with it, and erase, not to mention the impossible task of trimming it.....!!!

>mirror براية ام جامة I always peel the mirror and play with it.....!!!take the razor and add it to the weapons collection(don't ask, long long story).....!!!

>give me a break: black fat maid on white kidsthat T.V. SHOW was sick.....!!!(pic)

>vcr's top eject, fucking blinking clock, beta or hdrthe main joy from it is that I spent hundreds of hours from my childhood inserting and ejecting tapes and pretending that I was in the Enterprise as a Star Trek officer.....!!! that until I spilled yogert in the insides of the V.C.R. ......!!!

>pac man, I ate and ate just to be like him, Atari games, Sakhar, Amiga games were fun too......!!!

>jaws, I still am afraid to swim in the sea......!!!fucked my mind hard.....!!!

>Lego still rules in my book, and they didn't have a doll of the prophit (pbuh) for me to buycotting them, I just got old......!!!

>Kitco's formula one ad......!!! (
the fingers are filled with Kitco rings......!!! plain and simple, no colors no cocktail shit.....!!!although now I stick to the phone combination(fingers too big to fit the rings)

>Atari rule big time I still have a bag of Atari with me where ever I go, the guys are sick of it.....!!!

we loved Bruce Lee's movies, Jackie Chan, and spagitti westerns cowboy movies......!!!

wwf was a top priority for all of us.....!!!

you don't stand a chance if you didn't know who is Andre the giant, Super Fly Snuka, Jake the Snake, Hulk Hogan, and the Ultimate Worrior.......!!!

now I switched to the real deal..... MMA such as Pride, K-1, UFC, Extreme Fighting........!!!

americanized ninja movies sucked but I saw them nonthless (some ninjas fought using frezbies).....!!!

bionic six, the mask, thundercats, power extreme, transformers, heman, and many shows kept us occupied......!!!

loved the russian cartoons and the tone of the dubbing was charming......!!!

Heman, WWF, Thunder Cats, G.I.Joe's whole sets where a must for every kid, also LEGO......!!!

have to admit Hungry Bunny was the bomb but the hygene was a dump......!!!

Pizza Italia's running man wearing the dishdasha and gutra still rings through my ear each time I eat pizza......!!!
remember the 4 seasons pizza.....!!!

Zoro custume was and still is the best in all birthday parties, spiderman and superman cme close second and third.......!!!

evi from "out of this world" and "little wonder" were damn good until I saw little wonder again and realized it's just a box behind the girl.......!!!

spitting image, although at the time I had no clue to what the show was about, the fact that seeing dolls looking human and looking like the royal UK-ish family was a fun with all the gigs.....!!!

the zoo toothpaste was a good suplement for sugars in kindrgarden.....!!!

umbrella chocolate and kinder surprise, nestle cup, Rana's box that contained candy and toys, bugsbunny head's candy dartsv(where you can refill them), and the rubberman's chewing gum were a must in every trip to Nuzha co-op.....!!!

hope you enjoyed this post.......!!!

in regard to the Musa consert.....!!!

I've been trying to upload the pics and videos taken in the Japanese drum consert "Musa", but with no hope.....!!!

Youtube is hectic, I need another site to upload the videos since thier size is too big to be accepted in Youtube.....!!!

in the same time, Flicker is not doing soo well too......!!!
I don't know why........!!!

the Musa consert coverage will take time to arrange, but I will try to solve that problem as soon as possible......!!!


26th bloggers meeting

we went again for the DD salmia, and as anticipated we had a blast......we had a charming guest, named "Sou", she sat far far away (cause she was late) and I think we didn't give her much attention, also a dear Jordanian Blogger and a friend of mine joined us at the meeting, "Moey", I think that he had a great time except when Stallion kept taunting him.....!!!

the attendees as usual in accordance of time of arrival:

Tat the don

K the Kuwaiti



we decided that we should have an event next week, open to all Safat bloggers,
the details and what type of event will be discused on a later post.....!!!

the tid-bits.... (try to find out who said what)

I ate the wool.... it's cheep....!!!

Saggy boobs part duex......!!!

we should make a tribute to blue ice's nipple picture.......!!!

(in a creepy voice)
-how much do you pay for me to strip for you.......?!?!
-dude,... I hate gay people.......!!!
-don't worry I'm not gay...... but why wont you pay to see me strip......!!!

If I had a twin, I'd fuck him......!!!

some wierd rap about sky and God raps in the background......!!!

see ya next meeting enshalla......!!!