Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Safat's first event.....!!!

as many of you might already know, we are planing to have the first Safat event, open to all bloggers, male and female, wither a trip or an event, right now it's set to these choices....

1-Paint ball tournament, behind the Aquapark, I just need conformations from whos comming in order to reserve the field, and I wan't to know which day would be suitable for you, thursday from 5PM till God knows when.....!!! (should check with K to see how to reserve the field)

2- the Shooting range tryouts, try the real thing in a safe environment, this would be in a saturday since the shooting range doesn't open in holydays......!!!

3- brunch, anywhere anytime, and anything.....!!!

so please choose and give me a conformation to your participation ASAP, wither in the comments or to my e-mail......!!!

thanks again,

I'm going tomorrow to the paint ball field and see what can we manage....!!!
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