Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EXzombie's heart beats solo tonight.....!!!

yeah you know it from the podcast, I'm single again, and it sucks.......!!!

really sucks, not because I miss her, I actually don't, but because I trusted her......!!!
so I'll fulfill my 2007 resolution without her.....!!!

"That I was cruel is true… that you have suffered indescribably I realize; but I was to suffer more, I believe and know."
Soren Kierkegaard (1849)

I'm fed up with the boyfriend-girlfriend nonsence......!!!
I need a Soulmate.....!!!

I've been thinking about marriage along time ago, actually since I left to Jordan, there it hit me hard, I felt something missing, and that was a Woman in my life, I don't need a girl or spoiled kids to keep me occupied, I need a real woman, I had enough from the brats bitching and mouning, I need a solid relationship, not twisted fantasies, I don't want someone who is in love with someone who isn't me (actually me, but 5 years ago), I don't want lies, bullshit, and cyber fucking......!!!

yeah you're not mistaken..... calmness, I need the abyss to swallow my rage, the Sheeth to hide my edge, I need a strong soul to handle me, I don't want someone who is afraid of me, I need her to be in love with me, and to handle my ardor and zealous nature......!!!

in other words, I like to dedicate this next poem to Dear ol'Frankom, why....?!?!
because in my opinion he is the only guy in Safat that is living the real love, I wish him the best of luck, and he deserves nothing less, live long and prosper and بالمبارك ......!!!

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
by Kit McCallum
Cherished are the memories
thatBrought us to this day,
For yesterday, was just a dream ...
A wish to contemplate.
A fantasy where in my mind,
A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...
A vision of the true desires
I longed for endlessly.
And when I dreamed,
I did not knowThe love I'd feel today;
The height of my true feelings,
And the depths they would portray.
And if I had one wish today,
A simple wish t'would be ...
Is that the love we feel this moment,
Lasts eternally.
Reality has merged now
As you stand here by my side;
And as I join your hand in mine,
My heart does fill with pride.
For as I pledge my love to you,
I see in many ways,
Reflections of my love for you
Are mirrored in your gaze.
And by our presence here today,
And for the love we share,
I thank you for our yesterdays
That brought us to be here.
But more than this,
I vow to you,
My wishes yet to come ...
Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,
This day that we are one.
Tomorrow's an adventure
That we'll share together now;
Our future's intertwined forever,
Through this holy vow.
I promise to remember
In the future years and days,
The love I feel for you this moment
Dreams fulfilled today.
For in the coming years as we
Move on, and reminisce,
Back to the day I stood with you
And promised with a kiss ...
That blessed are the days that
I have looked into your eyes,
And felt the warmth and love reflect,
The essence of our lives.
Yesterday we dreamed of what might be;
Today we validate our love;
And tomorrow we will cherish the life we have shared as one
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