Sunday, February 25, 2007

To my beloved...KUWAIT....!!!

my love to you in unmatched by love of mortals..... I know that because I can see how empty I am when I tear myself away from you My Kuwait, ohh my beloved, I linger each time I'm here. and try to avoid my departure, I miss you already, even when your children have spread corrupt and Fasad on your soil......!!!

I remember my Father during the invasion of Kuwait and what he told me about this country that cemented my entity to this kind earth: "a man without a home is lost.... a man without a cause is ossified.... a man without a country is inexistant.....!!!" that was all I had to hear to understand why I loved Kuwait, not because Kuwait gave me all, Kuwait gave me life, Kuwait is my mother, father, brothers and sisters, it me, and you, and all of us, and withen us and for us.....

I work each day to prove my worth to Kuwait, representing us abroad in a manner that force other nations to understand and know the real Kuwaitis, the highly educated, generous, and lavish, strongly attached to our mother land....

I have my pride for being Kuwaiti, patriotism, and utmost struggle to insure nothing but the best for my country......

and that's what motivate me to fight and face anyone and every one who is or invloved with the Fasad on Kuwait.....!!! I'm not afraid, nor frightened by thier ways to scare us from pursueing and expose thier criminal acts......!!!

we need to implement the spirit of Kuwait and patriotism in the heart of each child, teach them the sacred importance of the flag, and face who ever desecrate our symbol, wither by inverting the flag which now a days every one is ok with it.

I must say that celebrating the National Independance day is not by foaming others and hurting them and the filthy literring of the streets.......!!! it's by working our best to riase our country from the ashes that the past generations burned in negligence.......!!!

show the love for Kuwait not two days in the year, but 700 days in the year........!!!


موطني ... موطني
الجلال و الجمال و السناء و البهاء في رباك.... في رباك
و الحياة و النجاة و الهناء و الرجاء في هواك.... في هواك
هل اراك... هل اراك... سالما منعما و غانما مكرما... سالما منعما و غانما مكرما
هل اراك في علاك تبلغ السما ... تبلغ السما..موطني..موطني
موطني.... موطني.الشباب لن يكل همه ان تستقل او يبيد .... او يبيد
نستقي من الردى و لن نكون للعدى كالعبيد.... كالعبيد
لا نريد.... لا نريد ذلنا المؤبد و عيشنا المنكد.. ذلنا المؤبد و عيشنا المنكد لا نريد...لا نريد
بل نعيد بل نعيد مجدنا التليد .... مجدنا التليد موطني ....موطني
موطني موطني
الحسام و اليراع لا الكلام و النزاع رمزنا...رمزنا
مجدنا و عهدنا وواجب الى الوفاء يهزنا...يهزنا
عزنا...عزنا غاية تشرف و راية ترفرف غاية تشرف و رايه ترفرف
يا هناه..ياهناه في علاه...في علاه قاهرا عداه قاهرا عداه موطني...موطني

قصيدة ابراهيم طوقان
يا عيد عدت فأين الروض والعود
والهف نفسي وأين الراح والغيد
بل أين أحباب قلبي والمواعيد
عيدٌ بأي حال عدت يا عيدُ
بما مضى أم لأمر فيك تجديدُ ؟
شعر احمد العسكر
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