Sunday, February 04, 2007

MMA fucks WWF to smitherenes

as mentioned in my last post, watching WWF was a ritual and a must for every kid in the 80's......!!!

seeing large angry muscled men fight and kick the hell out of them was part of our "education", we were raised as men by men to do men's stuff......!!!

but as figuring out Santa is fake, we started noticing wristlers ground kick gave no power nor had effect on the floored victem, ie. we tried it our selves and each time I do the hogan kick I end up hurting my leg and the floored kid getting up, this cycle of throwing the kid on the ground and me kicking the ground and swooshing the sound of impact soon crept to my nieve brain cells to tell me something is not right, I began to watch closely what I've been missing, why havn't the kicks, or the rope throws work why I end up hurting myself more.....?!?!

as I watched for hours and days the tapes, I soon realized wristlers didn't actually hurt each other, there were some contact and blood, but nothing that serious, I was mad at first to see that Andre the Giant was a fraud, Ultimate Worriors patriotic speaches were gibrish (till now I don't understand what the fuck did he say back then.....!!! come to think of it no one did......!!!), Hulk's T-shirt tearing was theatrical, and all was but a play to fool me.....!!!


the last time I saw a WWF match was when they toured in Kuwait.......!!!
that's it, I went there, had a sweety shirt from brit heart, threw it away a week later, it smelled like a fucking elliphant shit, it was like someone "Downloaded" his entire food chain on the T-shirt, I remember my mom vomiting every time she passed through my room, it smelled like a fucked up gang raped dead guy has taking a shit in my room.......!!! so they burned it and I grew up on WWF......!!!

but I needed violence, I needed to see blood, at that time, a video tape called "Ultimate Fight" was mistakingly had fallen into my hand, I saw the fights and saw real blood, I saw real fighters, no, gladiators fight, in the octagon......!!!

I liked it, I liked the idea of a Karate V.S KungFu, Judo V.S. jujitsu, and much more, this was the second torniment, so I asked about it, they told me they only had this tape since the previous tornement wasn't allawed to enter Kuwait due to brutality of this game.......!!!

it took me years before I finally find them again, although I had many tapes of other fights, but I always wanted the UFC, thanks to "Kazaa" I downloaded many clips and fights, and introduced me to some of the most fearsome fighters you'll ever see......!!!

one of whom is Sakuraba, a Japanese wrestler, he's not big, not heavy handed, he only had guts, and amazing ground submissions to fuck up your life the minute your fight with him is shifted to the floor......!!!

Sakuraba, also known as the Gracies Hunter, and I.Q. Fighter, was smart and talanted, he was Japans hero when he fought Royce Gracie, UFC hall of famer, and winner of UFC1,2, and 4.......!!!

he not only defeated him but he defeated the whole Gracie Jujitsu family, and thier students......!!!
he taunted them, turtered them and humiliated them in front of the world.......!!!

I leave you with these clip, but be warned they are aggressive and extreme.......!!!

if you are gay.... why the fuck are you reading my blog.....?!?!
if you are a WWF fan, watch and learn my friend, this is the real deal......!!!
if you are a girl, oooooow, see half naked men fight and sweat like crazy......!!!

Bob Sapp V.S. Kazuyuki Fujita

Quinton "rampage" Jackson vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Yoon Dong Sik

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Ken Shamrock

Igor Vovchanchyn Highlight Reel

Mark Kerr Highlight

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