Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Husain Al-Fudhalah

Husain Al-Fudhalah, a Kuwaiti citizen, was detained last month during a fishing trip near southern Al-Aryaq withen the Kuwaiti waters, by the Iranian sea guards!

The Iranians till this day didn't give the Kuwaiti Government any official statement why he was detained and what is his situation, his family pleaded the officials to pursue this case but with no vain, the minister of foreign affairs denied any news about him, while the Kuwaiti ambassador in Iran assured Husain's family that he is in good health and will be released soon!

the Kuwaiti blogger sphere was hoping they could relay on the support of the Iranian counterparts but news such as the execution of a fellow blogger Yaghoub Mehrnhad was disappointing. the news is dim there, and adding the Fudhalah case too will not be fruitful

we are trying to do it in the most discrete way, although I sent a question to Ahmedenejad's blog, along with several other bloggers, it's a long shot but we'll try anything!

we are a bit disappointed with the level of ignorance the Government and the Parliament is showing to this case and their negligence to suffering of Husain's family.
a month has passed by now and no one could even tell if he was release, where and when, and what his condition is, we sympathize with his family and may he return safe and sound.
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