Saturday, January 06, 2007

The 25th Safat Bloggers Meeting.......!!!

I know it's late, but I wrote it on the same day and forgot to post it.....!!!

so first of all it was a great meeting, 15 blogger from the Safat's 520 blogs gathered in Dunkin d. Salmia, 25 meetings have passed, two years and one month have passed since the first Safat bloggers meeting......!!!

we broke so many records, first time we past the "one page barrier", and I think Safat has the highest Number of members among arab localy-based aggregators, and one of the first too, have to confirm it with Nibaq, we have to make things clear, the Safat is the best active and influential Aggregator in the meddle east, we need a campain so that Safat gains the proper coverage in
Global voice......!!!

so back to the meeting, we changed the meeting location, and I thing this one is better, bigger room for more bloggers, and we hope more people would attend next meetings.....!!!

here is the Bloggers who came, and there are rumers that Frankom came early and left for the cinema, can anyone confirm that......!!!
Toxy wasn't there, that was a Sarab or a fake imposter.......!!! like we needed more drama....!!!

Nibaq (bailed early, and left Stallion in charge)
Toxy (so.. since I don't know who the fuck it was who came that night , there is no point in linking to toxy since he didn't come as he states.....!!!)
Mark (nice guy, blamed him on the new hip trend of Krispy Kream, )
K (he talked with the fake toxy, can't wait to see who's next on his list,... opps it's VMS)
Mr. Choco (he reminded me of hanibal lectur, silent and creepy)
Ali (Deera chat podcasters, had a feed back on what we thought about the podcasts)
Talal (wish you the best of luck dude in reaching your goals, wait for my list of must see movies soon)
Tat (he reminds me of someone, we didn't talk that much but I think I know him from somewhere.....!!!)
H (he reminds me of someone too)
Maze (the 2nd generation clone of purg)
Stallion (I'll give you my comment by phone.....!!!, we need tidbits)
EXzombie (no perverted content for the first time, lots of political an filming stuffing with iDip and Talal)
Bloboz (he was on the same freq. and was my meeting buddy)
Forza (came late for the first time)
iDip (the last one to show up, but it was great seeing him again)

see you soon.....
and drop by for the next meeting people, I know I washed my hands from girls.....!!!
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