Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recomended Films By EXzombie.....!!!

I recomend seeing them....

due to lack of brain cells, and memory loss, I forgot many films that should have been there.....!!!

3-Iron (S. Korea)
• 7 Samurai (Japan)
• The Agronomist (Haiti)
• Airplane
• Apres Vous (France)
• Babel
• Baraka
• Bas Ya Bahar/ بس يا بحر (Kuwait)
• Battle Royal (Japan)
• Brave Heart
• Brother (Japan/USA)
• Carandiro (Brazil)
• City of GOD (Brazil): there is a fantastic documentary in the DVD...
• Clerks : one of the best dialouges in film history....
• Coffee& Cigarette
• Das Experiment
• Deer Hunter
• Forest Gump : made me cry.....!!!
• Fighter in the Wind (S. Korea)
• Getting Any (Japan)
• Hard Candy : I apreciated my balls greatly after watching this film....!!!
• High Tension (France)
• The Host (S. Korea)
• Hulk : the first film comic framed (24ish)
• Identity : fucked my mentality and fooled me till the end.....!!!
• Intimate Strangers (France)
• Jenin : brave documentary about the Jenin massacre....!!!
• Joe Dirt : the scene where the dog's balls freeze stuck cracked the living shit out of me.....!!!
• Ju-on I& II (Japan) : the scariest film I ever saw....
• Kung Fu Hustle (China)
• Kung Pow
• Last of the Mohicans
• Leon (France)
• Lost Boys of Sudan A.K.A. When GOD.... something (I forgot the new name)
• Man of the Year
• Me, Myself& Irene : the best Jim Carrey's film ever.....!!!
• Mean Machine (England)
• Million Dollar Baby : made me cry.....!!!
• Mohabbatain (India): I guess it's second to Mard, but the music alone is enough for me.....!!!
• Monster Ball : made me cry.....!!!
• Monty Python's Holy Grail (England)
• Monty Python's Meaning of Life (England)
• Mystic River : made me cry....!!!
• Old Boy (S. Korea)
• Paradise Now (Holland)
• Platoon
• Punisher
• Sanjuro (Japan)
• Save the Green Planet (S. Korea)
• Scar Face
• Shaolin Soccer (China)
• Signs
• Sin City
• Sixth Sense
• Snatch (England) : Turkish is enough.....!!!
• Spiderman II
• Stranger than Fiction
• Team America : fucked my brain from laughing, inspired my "Dicks, Pussies, and Assholes" post.....!!!
• Unbreakable
• V for Vendetta
• Victory :Pele is playing, Sly step aside.....!!!
• The Village
• Yojimbo (Japan)
• Young Frankenstein : I loved the monks scene.....!!!
• Zatoichi (Japan)
• Zhou Yu's Train (China)

and I'm dieing to see The 300, Transformers, SpiderMan3, and shrek3....!!!
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