Sunday, February 08, 2009

54th Bloggers Meeting tid-bits

yesterday was the 54th bloggers meeting in Kuwait, we had fun, met new and old friends, talked politics, projects, and filmmaking.. to keep it short, those who didn't come.. YOU MISSED IT.....!!!

attendance by order of arrival:
Rim Abilmona

funny thing was most of the bloggers were in second cup but not sure if we were bloggers or not, keep in mind that Forzaq8 was surfing the web, and Nibaq was wearing short, and I showcased my iPhone, which translates in the blog-o-sphere as yep we are bloggers.....!!!

it took us 28 minutes to finaly decide where to eat.. a new personal record.....!!!

don't know why, but when the theme of the restaurant is to look dirty and filthy, you should reach a conclusion that the people behind this theme are mentaly handicaped......!!!

crystalised urine in bathroom walls indicate one of two: cross-eyed retardation or STD is every where......!!!

The Tid-bits:
  • Ninja costumes are the best outfits for perversion!
  • Viva can sell routers for 1kd, and still manage to rip you off!
  • this years theme is: ZOMBIES!
  • The Don Show is comming back!
  • Fake camel head is better than clay when doing an animation!
  • Resident Evil getting bigger.. do the Zombie nigga!
  • the blog-o-sphere need more ranting CEO blogs!
  • it's hard to reach second cup in the dark!
  • 3 unsloved misteries: Loch ness monster, Bermuda triangle, and Librals voting for Al-Tabtabaie!
  • you can't escape chilli in Pakistan!
  • he who felt it, dealt it!
  • bringing 3 packs of cigarettes will invite people to consume them!

there are more, but the mind is weak, and the memory is weaker, if anyone has more do add it up

the next meeting will be on Wed. Feb 18th

see you there

Monday, February 02, 2009

54th Bloggers Meeting

event is available in facebook

Time and Place

Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Second Cup the financial district
Street: across the stock market

Contact Info

Phone: 66189918