Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lizards love, Gay bunny opener, and a monkey.....!!!

happy valantine's day......!!!


Now, this is the sadist story you'll ever hear...

a lizard met....

watch the video...

tears.... can't see the key board.....!!!
now have ever owned a pet, took care of him and considered him as your own child, now what would you do if you found out that he is gay.......?!?!

fuck him right, yeah well this guy found a usefull way to "get even with the community" other that stuffing his 12" plasmadisperser in the gay bunny happy hole......!!!

now Royce Gay (the name of the rabbit)..... watch the movie...

see how usefull can they be.....!!!

now what happens if Kuwaitis disliked the goverment's acts and retaliated, rebbeled
and threw the existing goverment and the heads of the hydra.....

so who do you think is the monkey and who is the tiger.....?!?!

Friday, November 03, 2006

the 23rd safat bloggers meeting

time is running, and the next meeting would be the 2 year anniversary of bloggers meetups in Kuwait.....!!!

same place, same time, they should give us free treats..... wait they did gave us free treats.....!!!
but Stallion ate them all....!!!

so I came in and found as usual dear "Forza", then "Stallion" and "Purg" showed up, followed by "Mr. KaKaW" and his non-blogging friend "Bu waleed", we changed the seats twice before crossing the other side of Second Cup to sit by the Batmanish multiscreens where we were introduces to the charming Italian Model "infieri1"(she is a woman) accompanied by the gorilla lover "Nibaq", we jumped seats again to return to our original headquarter or as I will refer to it from now and then by the "mini four ROUND TABLES"......!!!

then came Maze or "birthday boy"K I forgot whom came first, I know we comforted K on his not soo amazing disapearance from the Kuwaiti episode of the Amazing race.....!!!

we had our laughs, had a swirl of chats, we did our rituals: we talked about HIM, planned my guest apearance on the Edo pride show, and talked about politics.....!!!

Mahmood was on the subject of our talks, him and the "self port. shave shoot me guy".......!!!

we missed iDip, Tata, and Jazz, Will, as well as Frankom, hope you're all well guys and hope to see you soon.....!!!

OK here is the deal.....

the bloggers meeting is for all the bloggers, male, female, Kuwaiti, expat, sunni, shi'i, muslim, christian, athiest, and every type you can come up with.....!!!

it is sad to see that the participation in the safat bloggers meeting do not exceed 10 if we are lucky, while other bretheren communities such as the Jordan planet tend to have a minimum of 30+ ......!!!