Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dina al-Sabah's awesome pictures....!!!

for no apparent reason, we went through old magazines of cars and fitness, movies, games and others, but this one caught my attention......!!!

this old issue of MuscleMag (which is blocked by the fags of Qnet) had 2 stunning girls and a stunning name..... Dina al-Sabah.....!!!
the june issue of 2004 had a pictorial of Dina in stunning swimsuits, I asked about her and my friend told me that at the time she was finishing her masters in the US, she also appeared in Dr. DRE's video clip "still dre" (she's wearing the blue jeans shorts).....!!!

on her site I noticed this in her Biography:

"I was hoping to go to Nationals to get a Pro Card, but I discovered that only US citizens may compete at Nationals in the US. I was told to ask my country of citizenship for a recommendation for professional status with the IFBB. Since I am from Kuwait, I knew that hell would freeze over before the Kuwaitis would allow me to compete on stage in a bikini. I decided that my only recourse was to petition the IFBB for a Pro Card."

go check her pics since blogger can't download the pics.....!!!

and this is her blog too if your interested......!!!

and don't forget next Thursday's bloggers meeting.....!!!
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