Tuesday, October 03, 2006

who wants 3arayes.....?!?!

how many copies should I prepare of the short version of 3arayes (I'm working on the extended/director's cut& DVD).....?!?!
I will distribute the copies in the next bloggers meeting.....!!!

Will (I'm doing my best to do the subs)......!!!

that reminded me....

we had a screening on the 16th of sept. on the RFC, which was great since we finally got to see the reactions of others, the crowd was overwhelming, and alot of directors came to see the works.....!!!

we were the last team to show thier movie, which gave us a good chance to observe the audience, and the fact our movie was the only comedy film among them, the rest are experimental movies that mainly talk about terrorism, palistine and islam, with the exception of Yarmok uni's film "a wormer shade of grey"........!!!

the reaction of the people was amazing, and in the end we were cheered for, and coplemented us on the work, and that made me feel like an icy shower that refreshs you...!!!

all the efforts and work is not in vien..... and the appreciation alone was enough for us ......!!!

I'll post something about it soon.....!!!

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