Monday, October 16, 2006

Ghabash... the Filmmakers Club


The Royal Film Commission was established in July 2003 with a mandate to develop and promote an internationally competitive Jordanian audio-visual industry through the advancement of human, technical and financial capacity in addition to providing comprehensive production support services to local, regional and international productions. The Royal Film Commission is a financially and administratively autonomous Jordanian government body led by a board of Commissioners chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein. The RFC believes that filmmaking is a form of creative expression that transcends borders promoting cross-cultural understanding through the sharing of stories, thoughts and ideas. The RFC is the first Middle Eastern member of the Association of Film Commissioners International.

The capacity building department in the RFC aims at empowering young men and woman from Jordan and the region to tell their stories using film as a medium, through providing them with opportunities of training and hands on experience.

For more information about the Royal Film Commission, visit <>

The RFC filmmakers club is a safe youth friendly space that aims at promoting creativity and freedom through the use of film.

The clubs objectives are:
- Visual story telling and film production.
- Create and promote a cinema culture in Jordan.
- Audio-visual documentation.
- Film funding.

This club will be co-managed by the RFC and a board created by the club members them selves, This arrangement will empower the members on a different level other than filmmaking in terms of management skills, team work and leadership.
The club will work under several principles and values that were decided by the members, the values of freedom, teamwork, and social responsibility, As well as uniqueness and supporting all forms of arts.
Gender sensitivity, youth participation, and social responsibility and participation will be considered at all times.

the core members are

Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi
Abeer Beyazidi
Ahmad Shebo
Ahmad Takrorii
Amer Dwaik
Amer Halaseh
Aya Al-Kam
Deena Saeed
Firas Tayybeh
Jawdat Jwaihan
Moaied Taimah
Mohammed Suliman
Mutaz Matar
Samer Nimri
Sharif Majali
Sarah Yaghmour
Yasmin Gharaibeh
Yasser Zuaiter
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