Monday, October 02, 2006

What the Fuck is wrong with the Police Academy.....?!?!

Yesterday I recieved a call telling me that my dear friend and blogger partener "Ich bin sehr gut" has just come out from the ICU in Sabah hospital, after 20 days of fighting for his life.....!!!

Ahmad was in the Police Academy, where the Academy's Doctor gave him Profin, the problem was that he had a case of "G6PD"Anemia, to which Profin acted as an Oxidizing factor and rapidly his state has deteriorated to a point where he collapsed, he was in a coma for almost 2 weeks, suffering from temporary kidney failures, among other things....!!!

thank God he came back and regained health, although when I saw him yesterday he looked like a skeleton, I don't know if it was due to the intense training of from the illness......!!!

this reminded me of the other poor kid who died a month ago from a heart attack in the same police academy.....?!?! why the fuck would you risk sending your son to such extreme harsh training especially when you know he has a weak heart....!!!

as for my friend I asked him how did the doctor gave him the pills, with no considerations to his Anemia, and what made my jaw drop was that each student's medical file contain one thing... your heart condition, and some times if you have Blood pressure......!!!

and that's it....!!!

how irresposible can they be....?!?! I'm ashamed from this ignorance that could've cost us the life of my friend, the negligance already cost a life, what are they waiting for to happen in order for them to react.....?!?!
I was told yesterday that a guy also collapsed after losing 20 kg in 9 days that his father withdrew him out to save his life.....!!!

that's stupid, can't they at least have a more efficient medical profiling that can at least prevent such medical mistakes that could cost us our youth's life......!!!

at least abandon the fucking WASTA......!!!

in the end I would like to ask you all to prey to God that Ish bin sehr gut regains full health as soon as possible......!!!

nough said....
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