Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Grandizer Effect.....!!!

this is for all the 70's & 80's kids who lived day after day with cartoons.... real cartoons.....!!!

about grandizer....!!!
there were somethings that kept me thinking but after I saw the whole series again it made me wonder why no one said anything about it.......!!!

come to think of it:

the Duke of fleet (Daisuki) is a mixed breed of a Jewish-Native Indian-Hippi.....!!!
Gandal (the guy who had a female midget inside his face) is what we call a futeristic bisexual fag

why with all the technologies the Fleet people had while doing the Grandizer how come they forgot to include a safety seat belt, and why are the buttons on the board lacked instructions or labels for that matter.....!!!

that reminds me, the fucking buttens remind me of beneton every four buttons are alligned together with similar colors....!!!

why Dampi (Hikaro's father the UFO's fan) had a cat's mostache....!!!

why did they like wearing spandix, every one from the aliens to even the humans wore spandix.......!!!

why do Koji Kabotu (Mazinger Z) and Diasuki always wear watches with thier uniforms....!!!

the alien troopers look like the KKK on sperms.....!!!

and don't Grandizer look like a Knight wearing an adult diper.....!!!

and where is this tunnel is exactly located in the G unit that connects the grandizer control room with the flying saucer's control room....!!!
and why did he needed to spin each time before entering or exiting the rooms.....!!!

why Dr. Amon had a different mostashe in each episode.....!!!

why do Dambi and his family travel always in horses and carieges while the rest of the planet is driving futeristc transport mobiles, and why are they cowboy-esque even though they are living in Japan, eating Japanese food, having Japanese names.....!!!

why in each episode they sacrifice Koji's UFO in a suicidal head on fight with a whole fleet with only a few rockets (not even a seeking mesiles-short corny looking) and after kicking the bejesus out of his ass, the Duke comes to the rescue......!!!

why do he always choose the trash hole instead of the door....!!!

why UFO's explode and evaporite in the air without a trace....!!!

the funniest names are always reserved for the aliens mandroids: DOM DOM the chains and machine gun pink monster that had a vacium as a weapon....!!!
JERO JERO the solar energy droid who need to absorb sun rays to generate his pulsars.....!!!
and why the doubling....!!!

I stop here with this final thought.....!!!

grandizer sucks now that we are adults, but not as much as Kabamaru the ninja.....!!!which I'll talk about him later......!!!

p.s. I don't know why the hell can't I upload any picture.....!!!
I'll post them later....!!!
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