Saturday, January 06, 2007

greetings to all the assholes in the world.....!!!

you think you are humane enough baby.....!!!

are you sad saddam died.....!!!

popo peppe doddo da.....!!!
what to "trinkin mine Z" ya "Kaiser shlaimer"......!!!

fuck you honey buns, and fuck all that you know, I won't be rational, I hope you die and stick the hole you'll be in and I hope you get fucked before that, raped, mutilated, all your family dead even the new born, then you see the ones who are responsible are courted and sentenced to death executed then other millions of fags cry out saying what the bastards done to your family is not worth the execution, and they are right in doing so to your family......!!!

I'll be praying to God that this happen to you, and wish it to be on all the Yemenese people, Libians, Egyptians, Algerians, Syrians, Palastinians and Jordanians and every mother fucker who cheered for saddam......!!!

I wish I can see your eyes, the tears before you die, and knowing the last things you'll be watching is me dancing on top of your body, laughing my guts out as your suffering brings me joy....!!!

to those assholes who think labelling a dishdasha guy as a horny retarded beduin, I say why did you allow the retarded beduin to fuck your sister asshole in the first place, if you had dignity you wouldn't have let the horny fornicator fornicates your sister.....!!!

it's a shame we give you money to cheer for the bastards, and yes it's your luck and fortune that we gave you our money that we need to rebuild our city, because some of us still believe in arabismic retardation and islamic deja vou of us regaining the superiority......!!!

fuck arabs and retards of your type, I really do wish for someone to invent a virus that can wipe out stupidity from the face of earth......!!!

suck my balls and die choking......!!!
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