Wednesday, July 26, 2006

day 2& 3 of filming my movie.....!!!

Bu Maryoom and Lil alien are in the movie.......!!!

I took the liberty of adding them to the movie, sorry guy and creature for not asking your permissions, but I couldn't resist not sharing them with the world......!!!

any how I'll in exchange for your participation in the movie will provide you with limited edition DVD's....!!!

O.K. returning to the subject, for 2 straight days we were turtured by the filming process, although it was fun, actually insanely hilarious......!!!

here is Moayed hungry as hell, but still wanted to show his support for the orange rev. of kuwait, yasser on the other hand provided protection.....!!!

didn't laugh this much along time ago.....

Deena is preparing for her scene with Moayed, she's perfect for the role......!!!

so last monday was the 2 day of shooting, we managed to finish 5 scenes, how ever it was hard but at the same time enjoyable.....!!!

this is part of the party scene I took it with my intel cam while taking some of the conversations between the characters you'll see Yasser and Rasha then Mo, while giving the sound job to Moayed....!!!

we had fun with the extra, and one of them actually proved to be talanted so we had her as a victem in the party scene, but her voice was hardly heard..... we'll see if we need to record her voice once again.....!!!

the next day, we went to the office to shoot the Khattaba's scenes (that's me)......!!!
we had many takes, different angles for a some what short scene, I opened two bottles by my bare hands which was hell of a pain to do, I also smoked for the first time in my life, not one but 6 sticks of sigarettes (damn it was fucked up experience)......!!!

I didn't use make up at all, in fact I didn't shave my face (the rule is supposidly a strong manly woman).....!!! but I ended up looking like a female presenter in "JAAM EJAAM TV" (NO pictures will be posted only your imagination).....!!!

next friday will be the hardest day, shooting the street scene which is the wakiest, hardest, and longest.......!!!

wish us luck.......!!!

p.s. how the hell can I add a youtube clip in the post.....?!?!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

day one of film shooting.....!!!

friday, 14th of july 2006, 10:30 a.m ......

the team gathered at Hardees's Madinah street, we had lot's of things to finish before shooting which was scheduled to be at 3:30 p.m, Deena (my assistant director and the protagonist of the movie) over did her self by personally making the costumes and head bands (طرحة) or garments for the brides, and the guy's costumes.....!!!

the wigs were an issue since they were don't leese them, but we managed to obtain 4 (they cost around 20-30 J.D each) and one of them was soon labelled as the "Judy Abbot wig" so don't be shocked Judy.....!!!

couldn't post the pics due to vulgarity......!!!

the bride of this scene or vatreena girl (Rasha my lazy producer, the vatrina girl on the right) gave me headache before the shooting but she came and pulled one for the team, and I thank her for doing the best of her as both acting and producing for the first time......!!!

we faced a problem with the sun and lighting was a bitch, but we managed to finda way to shoot the scene at the cost of Deema (on the left) not clearly shown due to the flare......!!!

in here deena (the mom, amazingly managed to look much older than she really is)

jaodat here is preparing to wrap rasha in newspaper......!!!

it was fantastic, and the crew found out the hard task of filming in close contact, great job every one and this thing is gonna be hysterically funny.....!!!
I leave you with the pics.....

the girls from left to right: rasha, deema, deena... the guys from left to right: mohammad, yasser, mo'ayad, jaodat, and the director......!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


what the fuck is wrong with these people.....?!?!

O.K. so we know you don't trust your english enough, and your afraid of spilling wrong in front of every one but hey write in arabic "Yal Habeeb"......!!!
now just to be on the safe side, I'll shift to this 6eezi 3arabizi so that you'd understand what I'm talking about:

Mar7aba shabab, shloonkom, sha'7barkm, sh3looooooooomkm, zeenin willa la3......?!?!
'7atheeeeet elyooom jooty mdalgam mal yhal wa gilt ba36eeh awl yahl ashoofa, bs eldagga inah maligait yhal blshari3, '7al a'3air elmao'9ooooo3, el7ain minooo el3ab(ق)''qari elli e'7tara3 hal 6aree''qa elzift, lahi fonatics wala hi simantics walla ba6666eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'7, zoood robada oo 3awar ras, ana kill ma ashoof wa7id katib bhal 6areee''qa ashooof elli ba3dah oo a7awill ma agra (ش)'''skatib laannna ye9addi3 rasi oo yenfijir mo'7'7'7i lamma agra elzift elmaktoooob.........!!!
ba3deen fee shay thani, leesh lama ta'97ekooon tgolon LOOL.....?!?!
shino loooool, laish mo




HUHUHUHUHUHUHUH, ba3deen ana masima3t b7ayati wa7id ye'97ak yegoool "loool"......!!!!

moooo nagi9na el7eeen ella naktib "estifhaming,estifhaming, estifhaming" bidal "???", ow "fa9ling" bidaaaal ",".......3jbing 3jbing 3jbing

etta''qoooo ellaaaha wala takono mofseedeeen, yar7amokom alllaaaaho.....
vassalamo alaikom va rahmatto ellahi va barakatohooo.......!!!

July's Kuwaiti bloggers meeting....!!!

I know it's way tooooooo late to post about it......!!! but hey sue me......!!!

been a great meeting, although we missed some of the regulars......!!!

6an6a (not tata) was present in this meeting, although not in flesh.....!!!

Purg, great companion, and a great sushi tongue, and I still don't know what the hell is it with you and pinguins......!!!

K came and showed us the new hip trend in fashion......!!!

yeah, but in his defence it was dark and he couldn't recognize which from which......!!!

that's his feet on the left, and Forza's on the right.....!!!

we talked about the orange movement, politics and everything else.....!!!

and we talked about regular stuff, and we had our share of the tid bits, here are some although I forgot the majority....

"rainbow love tattoo..... isn't that gay sex......!!!"

"she is a blogger wanna be....!!!"

"stingray sex is better than camel sex.....!!!"

I lost the rest but hope it'll come up soon.....!!!

I tryed to bribe the Edo mob to see what's make Edo a great suchi joint, but they didn't want to reveal thier secret........!!!

soon you shall be weak enough to show me "the Edo"......!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

what the hell is MOSA SEX.....!!!

been checking the stat-counter, and for my surprize found out the main atraction to my blog is still the story of Barby.....?!?!

then comes the late أبو حفص الدودكي ....!!!

I also found out that people search for the wakiest things, this month's stupid search is "mosa sex".....!!!

apparently "mosa sex" is not a latest eddition of Kamasutra techniques, but it stands for "Men Opposing Sexual Assault" so where did they manage to link my blog to MOSA....!!!

well, check this out......!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Jordanian Movie.....!!!

As some of you might've already know, I'm making a Jordanian movie sponsered by Fast Link and with the Royal Film Commission.....

the movie is called

:A Mother's Guide in Finding the Best Bride......!!!",

as you expect from the title, it's talking about marriege and choosing process with focus on the mother's side....!!!

it's a comedy, that's going to be directed by me, written by also me and Yasser Zuaiter, I won't mention the names of the actors yet since we havn't finished the casting process among other things, what I can tell you though is that I will appear in the movie as a big boned manly "Khattaba" (خطّابة) and the movie will be full of twists and gags......!!!

for the last 3 months I've been working with well known Jordanian Directors, and had the pleasure of gaining thier support and advice, it helped me alot, I also had the help of my fellow Kuwaiti underground movie makers of O's Films, and CF Films, who provided me with valuable tutorials, and materials.

we will start shooting at sunday 16th of july, the scenes that we're gonna shoot would be mainly outdoor scenes since the primary scene of the film is the street scene where there are many elements and lots of people are involved in this scene (10 actors and a donkey......!!!).

hopefully will end the shooting process before augest cause the edditing process is scheduled at that time, the problem with that time is for my surprise I just knew that my primary edditors won't be available in augest since one of them will go to Eygpt for a wedding, and the other will go by the end of this month to Europe for a filming/programing convintion.....!!!
I'll have to arrange that with the RFC......!!!

it's a nice experience to make a film this big for the first time.....!!!
and I will share it with you....!!!

yeah I finished the post, since my really long posts seem to deter readers.....!!!