Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Jordanian Movie.....!!!

As some of you might've already know, I'm making a Jordanian movie sponsered by Fast Link and with the Royal Film Commission.....

the movie is called

:A Mother's Guide in Finding the Best Bride......!!!",

as you expect from the title, it's talking about marriege and choosing process with focus on the mother's side....!!!

it's a comedy, that's going to be directed by me, written by also me and Yasser Zuaiter, I won't mention the names of the actors yet since we havn't finished the casting process among other things, what I can tell you though is that I will appear in the movie as a big boned manly "Khattaba" (خطّابة) and the movie will be full of twists and gags......!!!

for the last 3 months I've been working with well known Jordanian Directors, and had the pleasure of gaining thier support and advice, it helped me alot, I also had the help of my fellow Kuwaiti underground movie makers of O's Films, and CF Films, who provided me with valuable tutorials, and materials.

we will start shooting at sunday 16th of july, the scenes that we're gonna shoot would be mainly outdoor scenes since the primary scene of the film is the street scene where there are many elements and lots of people are involved in this scene (10 actors and a donkey......!!!).

hopefully will end the shooting process before augest cause the edditing process is scheduled at that time, the problem with that time is for my surprise I just knew that my primary edditors won't be available in augest since one of them will go to Eygpt for a wedding, and the other will go by the end of this month to Europe for a filming/programing convintion.....!!!
I'll have to arrange that with the RFC......!!!

it's a nice experience to make a film this big for the first time.....!!!
and I will share it with you....!!!

yeah I finished the post, since my really long posts seem to deter readers.....!!!
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