Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tag tag tagia.... leish leish ya chigirlia....!!!

I was tagged by Chigirlia, the wierd tag that is...!!! so bare with me....!!!
now these are some of the wierd things people adressed me about.....!!!

  1. I eat vanilla ice cream with ketchup......!!!
  2. apple pies too.....!!!
  3. I have this weird mix-o-taste budds....!!! like the adding lemon to anything even to chocolate.....!!!
  4. I like to read in bathrooms
  5. I have a REALY FILTHY VOCABULARY that I like to use every time in any place.....!!!
  6. I eat slowly to the point where I allways have my meal on take aways .....!!!
  7. I don't have a problem in eating anything, and I mean anything.....!!!
  8. I eat the tasty or good parts of the food last so that I enjoy it.....!!!
  9. as one of my friends stated I have the most maniacle "Fasla", which I intend to show in the Entertainment City today......!!!
  10. the last time I had soup(shouroba) was 21 years ago, don't ask why, it's a long story.....!!!
  11. I don't drink tea nor coffee, hate mango but like mango juice, eat cold but not hot spinich, hate kosa, bamia, fool, and all sorts of beans, but love "Marag Aadas", "Maragat Bamia", "Shabzi"....!!!
  12. I collect every thing, from kendergarten books to bottles, medals, swords, weapons, books, movies, you name it I collect it....!!!
  13. I hate the munching noise to the point where I attack and hit the loud muncher....!!!
  14. I am afried of swimming in the sea although I am a good swimmer....!!!
  15. I can't sleep more than 5 hours....!!!
  16. I can't remember nor recall names, numbers, directions unliss I write it down.....!!!
  17. I can write left or right handed, backwords or farwords, inversed or reversed.....!!!
  18. every thing that have numbers in it is of 5ish or it's multiplication(ie. 5, 10, 15... etc), if not I would chge it to suit it that way, but sometimes I settle with even numbers....!!!

I think that's enough for the day, I might add few things later when I ask my friends about what they think as weird about me.....!!!

I tag no one since every one now have an ellergy towards tagging.....!!!

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