Thursday, March 02, 2006

EXzombic day....!!! al-ghareeb pic and other stories

they gave me the flu by an eye.....!!!
how can that be possible.....?!?!

after I wrote the weird tag post, I wen't to the Dewania and I found the main issue there was why no one saw me sick all these years.....?!?!
fuck....!!! all I heard in my mind was Martin Luther King's "Now is the time.." ....!!!

one was saying: "that sob, in all these years, never have I saw him weak at least....!!! we all are infected by that fucking flu and while 16 sobs are sneezing thier breans out, this fuck (points at me) is smiling in the corner at us, not getting flu once....!!! not getting anything, I began to wonder if he ever get anything at all, flu, herbies, measels, AIDS , or even Ebola....!!!
I begin to wonder since he has this wolverine beard and hairy nature, is he a real wolverine.....?!?!?! I wish you get aids, ebola, and cancer"

and all the time he was talking I was like "kis oom'mik, sob, eth'kir allah ya 7mar, tomorow if I really get AIDS I would come back and rape you just to get you inficted too"

and he was saying "it's worth it"....!!!

shit, now every one is telling the others his experience about me and sickness....

this skinny guy (also a blogger) was saying "who get's to be sick with flu for 2 hours alone must be blessed by a Said"

and I would say: eth'kir allah, since when did you see sick for 2 hours, no one gets the flu for 2 hours....!!! beside I'm sunni and no Said would bliss me from sickness he should cure his people before turning to me to give this gift....!!!"

and he retaliates: "you try to hide it from us, who do you think we are, retards....?!?! remember last year when we were supposed to swim in KU pool, you told meon the phone that you were sick, and after 2 hours when I saw you you were like a capoera dancer on speed.....!!!"

needles to say it was a nightmare that night.....!!!

so guess what I'm sick now from the flu, no one was sick at that time to give it to me, and I'm not the kinda get's sick from impleminting it....!!!

anyhow, woke up yesterday on my brother's return from high school, and he wakes me up just to ask me if I'm asleep or not.....?!?! so I wake up since I can not sleep again (don't know why)...!!!

and they tell Muhammed al-Ghareeb is playing aginst R. Federer who is only the No. 1tennis player in the world....!!!
now I'm not a big fan of tennis, but a Kuwaiti in this kind of match was enough to be barracated in front of the T.V. so every one including me thought it was going to be a fast match 6/0 6/0 but Al-Ghareeb proved us all wrong and embaressed the suess guy even though he lost due to clumsyness 7/6 6/4 which is good for a 483 against the No.1 .....!!!

here is a salute to you Muhammed your the man of the day.....!!!

I understood his pictures are soo scarce no one knows how he looks like....!!! that's odd...!!!

that's him all right with his rocket serves averaging 204 kmh....?!?!

after the match I continued working on my script of horor movie "the Entity" I call it...

I called Tata at 6:18 to see if could make it to the play, but unfortunatly he couldn't, so I searched for a while before reaching the location of the show....

I saw Nibaq, the guys from في كويتي , idip, and other bloggers who I couldn't know who they were....!!!

the begining of the play was great, I liked it alot, but gradually it made me sick, or the fact that I was sick kicked in....!!! in all I was stonned 20 min from the start of the show.....!!!

so from dozing off and sleeping to resisting the urges to vomit even though the stomach was empty.....!!!

I thought the actors were great except for the part of the first khalifah that die from sickness, especially in his first dialoge with his(not soo) clumsy stuttering.....!!! that was stupid, and that guy waving the sword as an extintion to his dick....!!! never the less the play was good even though it wasn't the best Sulaiman el-Bassam did, and I have seen better plays done by him....!!!

the play could've been shorter that 2 hours, and I guess the many interferances that the audiens go throughtrying to follow each aspect of the play, do we follow the donkey see what he's doing, recognise the writings on the glass, read the translation....!!!

I had to bail out in the break and head back home, but I regret not enjoying the play, the damn flu effected me so much.....!!! shit on you "ish bin serh gut" and your red eye.....!!!

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