Monday, March 27, 2006

to drown in one's work

I found that I work best under pressure.....!!!

and what a pressure....!!!

writing a script, for an underground horror movie, finished it but still stuck on the ending....!!!

writing for the english club, magazine, and my blogs (believe it or not but I have many drafts that need to be revised before publishing)

prepare for the english day in the university, and there is a big possibility that I would act in a play if we have time.....!!!

working in Fast link's Barrah elsaf youth program, in the cultural program where we'll be sponcered by the Jordanian royal commety for films, and we'll write, act, and film a movie of our own which will later on be competing along side other teams.....!!!

I will fill you with updates soon.....!!!

I don't have a reason to which why I posted this, but hey this is my blog and I will write what ever I feel writing about.....!!!

p.s. I delayed the newly weds post but I'll post it soon.....!!!
don't worry you pervert wanna beeeeeeeeeeeeees........!!!

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