Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Miss Cozmo's present, and Kuwaiti Blogs Oscars....!!!

what do you think suitable as a gift to Miss Cosmo.....?!?!
yeah, I'm bad at choosing presents and have no clue what is good or not in that field.....!!!
guess I'll search for a gift with Waleed Al-Mashi (william), since we both don't know what to bring....!!!

and by the way, don't you think we should have our own Oscars....?!?!

it's a good Idea, but my only concern would be that the results would be to members of Blog mafia....!!!

I have these categories as starters, and if you happen to have other edditional ones please be free to add them in the comments....!!!
and not to forget the nominees....!!!

  1. best male blog
  2. best female blog
  3. best male post
  4. best female post
  5. best male comical blog
  6. best female comical blog
  7. most annoying blogger
  8. most annoying bloggeret
  9. Kuwaiti Queen of the Blogger sphear
  10. the worst debate
  11. the longest debate
  12. most aggrisive male blogger
  13. most aggrisive female blogger
  14. best tech blog
  15. best political blog
  16. best personal blog
  17. best layout
  18. best new male blog
  19. best new female blog
  20. best vanishing blogger
  21. the longist post ever
  22. the ugliest blog
  23. the bset swan (had to do it)
  24. the female magnet blogger
  25. the sheep gatherer bloggeret
  26. the most contraventional blog
  27. the most perverted blogger
  28. the most perverted bloggeret
  29. the worst badlia
  30. the best comment
  31. the funniest picture
  32. the best picture
also what about the host, he should be a blogger that many of us check on his blog most frequintly.....!!!
I would say the Safat guys, but I don't think it's fair to bug them with such annoying task.....!!!
so who do you have in mind to host the show....?!?!

and lastly, I think the next blog would be X-rated so don't watch if you don't like it....!!!
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