Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't miss VIVA mag's may issue.....!!!

on the 4th of april, I joined a focus group for VIVA magazine's next months topic.....

I was joining some of my fellow Jordanian bloggers like Roba, Khalidah, Maysa, Ibrahim, Laith, and other's.....

the topic was interisting and as cool as you could only imagine.....

I'll keep the details for you to read next month......!!!

I wanted to leave my tidbits on the meeting but I think it will give away the topic so I'll have to wait.....!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Robin Williams hate mail....!!!

I was checking my e-mail yesterday to see what's been missing and stuff, so as usually I skimmed the majority of e-mails, lots of spam, forwards, and al-jazeera's news mail, couple of retards cursing me......!!! but something caught my eyes......!!!

a letter from a famous comedian, at first I thought of it as a prank joke but my ego and curiosity insisted that I open the e-mail.....!!!

he didn't say much, only this picture.....!!!