Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to show the world how stupid you are.....!!!

Do you have the surge and need to look like an idiot, or a donkey....!!! if so I advise you to do the following this was inspired by jameed's post
  1. you start a fight with other students during eliction day, because of calculators.....!!!
  2. you try to ditch an exam by calling the bomb squad.....!!!
  3. you call chicken shawarma "shawarma diyay" but not "shawarma la7am diyay" since chicken is not meat....!!! it's chicken....!!!
  4. you kill your police and anyone or anything that moves because the Americans have envaded your country (but you don't hit the americans.....!!!)
  5. you kill the one who supported Libanon's reform, because he was with the removal of syrian army in you country....!!!
  6. you kill the underground syrean ruler of libanon, and call it a suicide....!!! (suicidium dispatch)
  7. you tell the world that you have 10% of the worlds oil reserves, and when they call your bluff, turn out that you have half of what you stated.....!!! (where did the other half go to)
  8. you block all the kuwaiti bloggers because a stupid farting blog offended your pharonic butt.....!!!
  9. not only that, you state that the holy prophit is related to you....!!! so correct me if I'm wrong ASSFACE, but who is older you or the prophit....?!?! and second of that, why do each and every bitching mother fucker say that they relate to the prophit, like Saddam.....?!?! what we know is that the prophit didn't have living boys or we wouldv'e known about the "kuwait& islam" the egyptian guitarist-renown muslim- the grand son of the prophit mohammed peace be upon him.....!!!
  10. you attend a fashion show in libanon few days after the late baba jabir has passed away.....!!! and be proud of it.....!!!
  11. you kill your brethrens whom turn out to be christians (university students), because a Danish cartoonist drew arabs, or what resembles the holy prophit in seikh costume.....!!!
  12. you listen to a frantic guy in the Azhar that statet alcohol selling to non muslims is not haram, not forgeting that amazing Fatwa of you don't have the right to know her past relation.....?!?! thanks to frankom.com, this new info was utilized in this mich.
  13. state another Fatwa forbidding the game of soccer, or defy the football rule just to not relent to jews or christians......!!! you see you must not follow the jews or christians, nor do as they do....!!! for fucksake every thing now is done or made or whatever you might call is by the works or done by the christians or jews.....!!! but we still have a chance....!!! we can still follow budhist monks, confusomethingism, japanese (which I prefer), or go to hell.....!!!
  14. the Farfar is haram....!!! you don't know what the fuck is Farfar....?!?! it's the part of the cap that block the sun light.....?!?! apparently this saudi mufti still want's us to know time by watching the sun.....!!!
  15. for a matter of fact anyone listens to what the retards in the Azhar state as fatwa is a gullible fool, those guys are the one's behind bank's and reba halalism issues, and each and single stupid thing they come up with amazingly shatters with the sunna or quran.....!!!
  16. you still only depend on one source of revenue, that is oil....!!! even though you know it wont last 20 years, not to mention any moment a geek will discover the long awaited cheep energy that will make us lick the backs of our butts.........!!!
  17. you still use nokia phones even when they suck, only because they have snake or kout bu 6 ......!!!
  18. you buy ipods even though you don't jug, walk, listen to music.....!!! simply because "every one" is getting ipoded.....!!!
  19. you still vote in star academy.....!!!
  20. you still watch wwf of it's clones and till now you'r convinced they are real......!!! you want the real thing watch U.F.C., PRIDE, K-1, PANCRES.......!!!
  21. you still believe that Ahmad elYousif is going to resign with the expected failure of the Kuwaiti national team.....!!!
  22. you still curse using nationalities.....!!! like "Indian" meaning donkey......!!! "Egyptian" meaning hypocrite....!!! and "Filipino" meaning gay or midgits.....!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I've been swanned....!!!

that didn't sound nice at all....!!!

I was pimped ladies and gents.....!!!

got ma groove back, and the Nemises has returned....!!!

all thanks to the talanted "Misguided the wise"......!!!
I am speachless each time I see the vedio....!!!
goosepumps and chills serge through out my body when I see the final touchs of this great effort by a humble blogger....!!!

watch the
show people.....
and keep your eyes on the screen, the one below.....!!!

dude you rock.....!!!

so what do you think people about the new layout ....?!?!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Damn... No more K.D.D. ....!!!

the hot topic every where is about a Danish cartoonist that insulted Islam and the prophet peace be upon him, and since every one is saying what's their mind in this issue, I once again will do the opposite.....!!!

just kidding...

the issue were talking about is important, and the solution is an easy one, on their turf you play by their rules, but on ours we play by our roles......!!!

you didn't get it....!!!

will to speak in a Mickey mouse sentence :

we sue the cartoonist and the newspaper for the insults and the new campain the newspaper is now summoning, it's freedom of speech alright, but not when the insults are speared at an important figure in Islam, we know he is human, but our respect to him and the other profits inhibit us from degrading them or insult them. You don't see Muslims curse or degrade mosses although he is the prophet of Jews, infact we respect him more than the Jews do, the same go for Jesus, we don't believe he is the son of god but we do believe he is a prophet and he will descend once again to this earth.

some would say that's not enough, suing them wont satisfy us, we need more....!!!

well, we can always boycott Danish products long enough to force the government to step up and act, and then we'll see if freedom of speech is important than income....!!!

ofcource boycotting needs to be globalized in Islamic countries and between Muslims, I don't think that 15 m. Is enough to stir a farce out of them when Kuwait alone boycott Danish imports....

but the sum of all Muslims boycotting would have un impact especially when we know that certain countries would love to take the empty place the Danish products left, like china, France, eastern Asian countries, and other Arab countries as well....!!!

so why don't we hurt them were it's supposed to...!!! There way and style....!!!

we would see their freedom of speech in a real test of endurance.....!!!

I for one would like to see that, even if I miss on K.D.D. products.......!!!

no more milk, no more gay pampered cows, no more "Lurpak" gay butter, and certainly no more Ikea.....!!!

what is that Swedish.....?!?! Are you sure.....!!!

ohh well....!!!

and don't we have any cartoonists or writers in Denmark amongst the millions of Muslim expats, that one of them would counter the stream of racial ignorance.....!!!

or they only have a certain agenda since we mostly know these expats in al-jazeera verbal fucking anyone that moves in the middle east, or in political debates.....!!!

no more Danish gay milk, we prefer camel or goat milk....!!!

and what'swrong with "Dehin Addani".....!!! It's better than lurpak....!!!

those cow fucker.....!!! I know they are....!!! No one in the world treat

their cow or animals like the Danish treat their cow......!!! some one should find what's that all about.....!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

و قد شاهدت بلوتوث النحس

للأسف أن ما شاهدته في البلوتوث قد صدمني لدرجة تقارب صدمة علمي بوفاة الامير الراحل، لم اتوقع في حياتي ان اشهد اليوم الذي يهان فيه رمز الكويت بهذه الطريقة الفجة، و الله عيب و الله عيب و الله عيب، هالحيوان الي صور البلوتوث شنو كان يبي يوصل له.....؟!؟!؟
و ليش تؤذونه، هل لأنه مريض و لا يعلم ما هو جاري حوله، و هل هذا يعطيك الحق لأن تقوم بذا الفعل
أعرف بأننا ككويتيين معروفين بسوالف البيلوتوث و التصوير باوقات غير مناسبة كالحوادث و تصوير مراسم الدفان، و لكن ان ننزل لهالمستوى و نستغل ضعف الشيخ سعد انتقم الله لنا و له من الهمج الي صوروه بهالطريقة
اتمنى على اخواني الكويتيين يا ناس يا عالم تكفون، نخيتكم، و طلبتكم، لا تنشرون البلوتوث..... مو ناقصين و لا نبي نشوه صورة الشيخ سعد اكثر من جذي و الله حرام، اذا فيكم ذرة تقدير لتاريخه لا تكونون سبب في تلطيخها في آخر عمره بهالبلوتوث، موتوا البلوتوث، باللعنة بالصوبين بس لا تشوهون صورة ديرتنا و صورة الشيخ سعد.....؟!؟!؟
الناس برة الديرة تدور الزلة و تنطر الهفوة علشان تنتشر، و هالمرة ما هي سهلة، كنا نقول كيفهم الكويت اكبر من جذي و الكويت ما يضرها حجي واحد و لا اثنين، بس الحين السالفة غير..... الحين رمز مهم في تاريخ الكويت قاعدين يشوهونه ناس همهم الحكم و قاعدين يسيئون له و للكويت.... الشيخ سعد امير الكويت و الامير رمز..... لكن انتبهوا للجانب الانساني
ترضون لأحد من اهلكم انه يطلع ببلوتوث بهالطريقة.....؟!؟!؟
ترضون ابوكم يطلع بهالطريقة.....؟!؟!؟
انا شفته و شفت شلون ركبوا البلوتوث على اكثر من لقطة و كان واضح انه في حمار كان ينقله الحجي و مبين انه كان يعيد له الكلام اكثر من مرة و بعدها نقى احسن اللقطات الموجودة......؟!؟!؟
و الله حرام
كل هذا علشان حكم
و الله عيب، انا للحين مو قادر افهم شلون سكتوا الصباحيين و الكويتيين على هالمسخرة، الشيخ سعد كبيرنا قبل لا يكون كبير آل الصباح، شلون يسكتون عياله و شلون يسكت الشيخ صباح على هالشغلة ان لم يكن جناحه من نشر البلوتوث، و شلون يستخدم الشيخ سالم العلي و جناحه هالبلوتوث حتى لو كانت وسيلة ضغط، الموضوع اصبح عملية اختطاف لأمير الكويت، و المفروض ان ما ننزل لهالمستوى
احنا نقول انه احنا الرواد في الخليج، طيب معقولة يكون عندنا غباء سياسي و استراتيجي بهالطريقة......؟!؟!؟
سالم العلي تبيني اغششك.....؟!؟!؟
باجر خل الجلسة سرية، و خل الامير يقول القسم، و اضغط على النواب بطريقتك و تخلص المرحلة الاولى
المرحلة الثانية حل مجلس الوزراء و اترس الوزارات بربعك و شلتك و اعزل الشيخ صباح من موقعه و ركنه بالزاوية، و احكر احمد الفهد بربعة و رده للرياضة علشان تفتك من عوار الراس، و خل ولي العهد و رئيس مجلس الوزراء من صوبك و بعدين خل الامير يتنحى و ولي العهد يمسك الديرة
الشيخ صباح تبي اغششك......؟!؟!؟!؟
لا تخلي مجلس الوزرا يحضر جلسة اداء القسم، و كمل اجراءات التنحية و بعد ما يتنحى الامير روح عيد تمثيلية المبايعة و خل الكل مو بس الصباحية الكل يبوس ايدك و ريلك و خشمك و راسك مو مشكلة الكل يهون بس تبقى الكويت
و خل احمد الفهد يبوس ايدك مو مرة مرتين لأنك طلعته من محكر الرياضة، مو مشكلة خيرك غرق الديرة
ما ابي اكمل الموضوع و لا ابي اغلط اكثر لأني الحين مو قاعد اتكلم بموضوعية متنرفز حيل و ماني ناقص
بس ابي من اخواني شغلة
ابي اخواننا الي لهم صوتهم المسموع مثل مادم و زيدون و كل واحد شريف يحب هالديرة انه ما يسكت، مادم الكويت محتاجتك بهالوقت و صورة وحدة ترسمها بتغنينا عن مليون مقالة اكتبها صوتنا لازم يوصل لهم و بو جيج حتى انت بعد..... عيب الي قاعد يسووونه و عيب الي يصير بحق الكويت و الكويتيين
في النهاية ابي احيي اخواني في ساحة الصفاة و كل كويتي غيور و خل نسمعهم صوتنا

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Frost Bites in Jordan....!!!

I don't know about you, but being cold was a good thing to me. I like being cold and freezing conditions, but this is silly....!!!

I handle colder temperatures fine, but I don't know why this time is different. although the same situation happened 5 years ago in Kuwait, the desert in the winter is hectic and the icy air infiltrates to the core of your bones.....!!!
but that was 5 temperatures below freezing, on an exposed Eur'zala (عرزالة), and not having anything to wear (being half naked as a waged bet to see how Psychrophilic I can get).

Also in the 2002 new year's mourning, I got woke up by my dad, to chisel a snowman in our backyard, which was a meter thick in ice.....!!! and apparently the reason for this wacky idea was the our neighbors, American diplomats were doing their iceman and playing as you all noticed from the movies or series, but here is the thing, when they are out they are loaded with clothe not like what I did, yeah I didn't have the chance to wash my face, or change....!!! so I enter the back yard wearing only my shorts and a "fanela eel’lag" no boots no socks no nothing, I'm up to my knees in snow, and the temperature shock kicks in, I wake up now, and realize that my father is filming the whole thing.....!!!

So I implement the anger on the lower ranks, and ask my younger brother to bring me the shovel, and this one is no ordinary shovel, it's almost a meter in width so I gaze up to the Yankees, they solute, I solute back, but I like to tell my friends that I used my trademark two-barreled shotgun finger salute....!!!

I shovel almost the entire backyard which is quit big, and to make it worse our's were the biggest in the area and the garden was filled with flowers not trees.....!!! so it soon started to get misty around me.....!!! and this steam is coming out from my body like something is burning, I look around and see the jaw of my brother is closer to the ground than usual, my father stopped shooting and asks me if every thing is alright....?!?! "yeah but it's starting to get hot here", "are you mad....?!?! it's 25 degrees below freezing" opps.... I forgot to mention that I was living in Shmolicova, the Czech Republic, and while steaming I realized that the earth is worm due to isolation of the ice to the outer atmosphere
(talk about Nerd mentality), in the end I did a sculptured snowman which my neighbors thought at first to be an Angel, "how adorable" this 16 year old brunette murmured to her father, yeah I heard her, but after I finished from painting it they knew how far it was from the truth.....!!! for I made a tribute to the one and only.....!!!
Superman that is….?!?!?!

Now back to the Jordanian frost bite....!!! and to explain it to you, this creepy pervert of frost is targeting my toes, the cold is overwhelming them, coating my digits and paralyzing them even though I wear now to extra pair of socks that make me feel like skating in the living room of my apartment.....!!!
It's so cold in here that if I wanted to keep food worm I have to place them in the FREDGE. The meat is in my room, and everything now is rock solid including water, which I have to heat to allow safe drinking, I actually found a new way to cook food, by over burning the meat with below freezing temperatures.....!!! you don't believe me, it's all right, neither do I.....?!?!?!

My toes are now beyond the blue, actually they now have colors that I can't seem to find in both Arabic or English, and not even Benetton have that color....!!! I burnt the small childish toe in the process of trying to get my feet worm, but I still don't get to feel anything....!!! sometimes I feel like my toes are sinking through the ground, but the ground is still solid, so why do I have this feeling, I never know.....!!!

If I ever have the chance to meet the guy who suggested the "SOLAR" way to heat up things in Jordan you'll most certainly read about it in the news papers....!!! and for god's sake can anyone tell me how the hell am I supposed to work with this "Sobba" that looks like Aladdin’s forgotten lamp.....!!! it's a major contributor to CO2 pollution in the world, it smokes like a oily truck on the way to the ASU.....!!!
this "Sobba" actually can easily qualify to be a new trendy make up tool, that girls would definitely seek to try on in the next years, after each time we use this "Sobba" I find myself irritated to the bone and itchy and scratchy in the nostrils and eyes....!!! when I first tried to wash my eyes I frightened my self, cause what I saw in the mirror was something wearing Geisha’s make-up, like a huge amount of "Kih'el" around my eyes, which reminded me of LBC's Star Crying Academy where all the girls walk around with the drooling make-up crossed by the Crow's eye shadowing....!!!

Enough rambling for today, my fingers are numb, I'm cold, and I feel like tiny animals are massaging my toes with their teeth....!!! feel sleepy, can't light the matches though....!!!

Am I dieing.....!!! I see that in Hollywood movies all the time....!!! don't sleep people....?!?! that and not going to the operation room, all the Egyptian movies kill their heroes by sending them to the O.R. ....!!! Is it the doctor's fault or the director's....!!!
I can't seem to find out way.....!!! can you.....!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Fear

he woke up in a blink, jumped swiftly to the door and off he ran... he didn't stop for anything. even though his mom was startled by his sudden move, and kept calling him over and over, but he wouldn't stop for nothing.

When he reached the streets half naked, a couple of guys intercepted him to see what’s the matter. "What's wrong....?!?! why are you running in your shorts in the meddle of the night...?!?!" said the older guy. The younger guy was examining the half naked running man, when he realized who he was. "Abbadi.... is that you....?!?!" he said. To which the running guy responded as he temporarily forgot in what state was he in and from whom he ran "Fareed.... the meat molder.... been a long time since I've seen you....!!!", "what happened to you.....?!?!" the older guy insisted on knowing what reason can motivate a man to run in the streets at 3 a.m. in only a short to cover him.
"I was running because I heard my...." Abbadi froze in terror as his mother was shouting her lungs out in the meddle of the night "Abbadi, did you wet your bed again....?!?! why did you run like that....?!?! answer me" the guys we wondering from where was she yelling at Abbadi from but from the pitch darkness it was impossible to see from which window she was yelling from. "Abbadi I swear to god if you don't come back I will wake your father up, and make him beat you till you go numb every where" she yelled again louder this time. "I don't blame you for running my friend, but aren't you a bit old to still live with your parents" said the first guy. The younger guy said "that can't be right... your father is dead Abbadi... right...!!! since you were 10 years old", to which the older guy responded "AHH now I see... I'm sympathetic to your suffering, it's hard taking care of senile parents, it's a view so hard for us to go through in life....!!!". Now Abbadi was still carrying that shocked face with terrorized eyes that weeps of petrified torment, but what he said sent the least bit of sanity in those guys realm into sliver.

"Dude... it's not that... but you know my mom....?!?! she died two days ago......!!!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

كلمة للتاريخ

بعد بعاد و انقطاع ارجع اليوم و القلب يدمي للفراق، ان الموت حق، و لكن النفس ضعيفة
اعزيكم و نفسي اخواني و اخواتي، و رحمة الله على فقيدنا الغالي و موتانا و موتى المسلمين اجمعين يا رب العالمين
اعذروني ان الغصة تخنقني، و قد منعت ان احزن لفراقه
اكتب كلماتي هذه و اعدكم بانها لن تكون الاخيرة، و ساكتب ردا على الهمج من "أخواننا العرب" ممن استحق ان يعنف و يعامل كما الاطفال و ان كان الاطفال اجل و افضل مقدارا و ادعى أن يحظوا بالاحترام
كلمة للتاريخ: الرئيس او القائد او الامير او الملك.... يقيم ادائه بمحبة شعبه له... و مدى تمتع مواطنيه بخيرات وطنه.... و بمدى التزامه بكلمته
لقد ملكتنا قلبا و خلقا و كنت انسانا و أبا قبل ان تكون حاكما، و كنا لك الاهل و الابناء قبل ان نكون شعبك....شاركتنا رحمك الله تعالى بإذنه الحلوة و المرة، جور الزمان و قسوته و متعة الحياة و هنائها.... هوجاء الحرب و سلوان السلم.... احزاننا و افراحنا.... و من اجل هذا استحققت لقب أمير القلوب.... و لأجل ذلك تكون نعم الإنسان و نعم الحاكم.... و قد رضينا بك و بما مررنا به معك.... اتذكرك منذ نعومة أظفاري، و اذكر مقارنتي لك بين كراستي الي حملت صورتك و بينك بشحمك و لحمك، اذكر ابتسامتك و اذكر بشاشتك، واخذت ذكراي هذه مع كل تفوق دراسي كرمتني عليه و شجعتني فيه على المثابرة و السعي، و على كل تفوق رياضي شاركت به، و على كل مجهود بذلته و لا ازال ابذله من اجل هذا البلد الحبيب و اهله، و الآن و انا ابلغ الـ26 من العمر و قد انجزت ما انجزت و حققت ما حققت كان ثمرة تشجيعك لي و مشاركتك لفرحي، اتذكر مشاركتك لأحزاني بوفاة جدي و عمي و خالي.... و اذكر حزني و انا اتابعك بعيدا عنك من خلال التلفاز و انت قد وصلت للتو من رحلة العلاج عام 2002
لم اجد شخصا ينتقص من قدرك اللهم الا قلة من ضعاف النفوس لا سامحهم الله انشاء من اخواننا العرب ممن لم يجد الوسيلة او الحجة او الدليل و التفت ينهش من لحمك و ترك عرض اكتافه من يحمل مقدرات شعبه و يخصها له وحده، فالحاسدون كثروا و طمعوا بما حضينا به من اهتمام من قبلك رحمك الله، و صاروا يعمون ارض العرب العاربة و المستعربة و انتفضوا كالكلاب المسعورة لينهشوا من لحمك البريء، هؤلاء من عشعشوا في ارض الكنانة وغيرها من ارض العرب هي اشرف منهم اقول لهم بأن بيتك الزجاجي يا هذا قد انكسر من قبل و لم يتبق ما يغطي عورة اهلك، فلا يحق لك يا ابن الرقاصة و اخو المرشدة السياحية(عاهرة حكومية) ان تمس شرف اخوانك و أخواتك من الكويتيين و المصريين، فنحن لحمة واحدة و سنظل رغما عن انفك و اهلك ايضا ان لم يعجبك، لعنة الله عليك و على الي ربوك هالتربية هذي
و فيما عشنا تحت بصيرتك يا أميري و أبي هانئين مكرمين و معززين، و صرنا نساوي ان لم نكن افضل مكانة ممن سبقونا في النهضة و التطور من بلاد الغرب و الشرق و اقاصي العوالم... فصار دخلنا و معيشتنا افضل من كثير من غيرنا و لله الحمد و الشكر على ذلك ان من علينا بأمير جبل على حب شعبه و وطنه و دينه.... و ليس ادل على ذلك من ان الكويتي و رغم التهجير و الابعاد القسري بسبب الغزو الصدامي الغاشم إلا ان كل كويتي و كل طفل و كل من حمل راية هذا الوطن الشريف كان قوت يومه و معاشه و مستلزماته تصله، فالمعاشات لكافة الكويتيين لم تتوقف لا لغزو او لغيره طيلة فترة الاحتلال و ظل تعليمنا مجانيا رغم دراستنا في مدارس خاصة و ظل علاجنا مجانا.... فلم نذل و الحمد لله و كيف نذل و نحن بين اخواننا و يرعانا امير القلوب
اعتذر لكم ان كنت اكتبها و انا منفعل، الامر ليس بيدي فان النفس متعبة، و كيف لي ألا أكون متعبا و قد منعوني ان أحزن لموتك.....؟!؟!؟
ان الدمع يمنعني ان اقرأ ما اسطره من كلمات، و ان الحنق على اخواننا و هم من ديننا و لساننا و دمنا و نهجنا قد سلبوني حقي في ان ابكيك
اوجه لك يا ربي دعائي و انا أعلم بأني ضعيف، و انا اعلم بأني مقصر في حقك
اللهم ارحمه و عافه و اعف عنه إنك انت التواب الرحيم، اللهم وسع قبره ووسع مدخله و اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه واكرم نزله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس ، و ثبته عند السؤال و ارزقه جنات الخلد برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين
اللهم جازه بالحسنات إحسانا وبالسيئات عفوا وغفرانا وارحمنا إذا صرنا إلى ما صار إليه ، الله يمن كتابه ويسر حسابه وأبدله دارا خيرا من داره وأهلا خيرا من أهله وزوجا خيرا من زوجه ، اللهم نور عليه قبره وأمدد له فيه مد بصره وأجعله أول منازله من الجنة ، اللهم ألهم ذويه الصبر والسلوان وأخلفه في أهله بخير .اللهم ارزقه صحبة نبيك الكريم و اصحابه و اهله الميامين برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين
اللهم اني عبدك عبدالعزيز العتيقي ادعوك و استعطفك ان ترحم فقيدنا و حبيبنا
و اني اشهدك و اشهد الجمع بأني حللته من اي ذنب قد استبان لي او تخفى و تستر
اللهم اني اعفيه من كل ما حل و يحل و سيحل علينا يا رب العالمين
اللهم يا رحمن يا رحيم يا عظيم يا رحيم، يا قوي يا رحيم
اللهم ارحمه و اسكنه جنتك باذنك و رحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين
آمين يا رب العالمين
اعذروني فالدمع يغلبني، و لا مفار من الاختصار
تحياتي للجميع من دون استثناء
و لكني اترككم مع مرثية من أخونا ابو طيف

من السعودية الى دار جابر " مرثية "
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ولاحول ولاقوة الا بالله
اسال الله عز وجل ان يرحم الشيخ جابر ويغفر له ويدخله الجنه
هذه ابيات اتت على عجاله تعبيرا عن حزننا على فقيدنا كلنا جابر الخير
واعلم انها لاتكفي ولكن مجرد تعبير عن ماجاش بخاطري
اعذروني على مايحدث من نقص في الابيات فهي اتت بسرعه ودون مراجعه وتركتها هكذا
مرحوم ياشيخ ذكرناه باالخيـر
شيخ يخلد ذكـره بكـل ميـدان
جمع صفات العز والمجد والحب
قاد الكويت لعالي المجد والشان
له في قلوب الكل حب وتقديـر
كل بكى جابر صغارٍ وشيبـان
كل ينادي بعالي الصوت جابـر
نفداك باالارواح في كل الازمان
لكن قدر ربك على كل الاقـدار
هذا قدر مكتوب والكل بها فـان
عساك ياجابر بجنـات وانهـار
ندعيلك المولى بعفـو وغفـران
ياعل دارك مسكنـه جنة الخلـد
تنعم بها ياشيخ جابر باالايمـان
والله يصبر شعبك اليوم محزون
يارب تلهمهم مع الصبر سلوان
ومن السعوديه الـى دار جابـر
نرفع تعازينا الى كل الاخـوان
‏الهم واحـد والمصيبـه كبيـره
واللي انفقد غالي على كل انسان
ابو طيف " عبيد الغشام "
خلصت كلامي

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reforming the constitution or just the assembly....!!!

The need to reform this beloved country is a must since the majority of it's people are not satisfied with the government or it's puppy's achievements during the past years....!!!

the citizens do suffer from the lack of judgment we see each day, we all disagreed with the extinguishers act that was both stupid and non-productive.....!!!
why do we need them, do we use them while the car is on fire.....!!! I don't think so, we probably will use them as foam projectiles in the 25the of Feb. Wasn't it more convenient that the authorities should force the car agencies to include one from the start of this year....

another issue was the 200 kd that made us feel like beggars, and the result of high rocketing of prices in all of Kuwait.....!!! How did that happen, why no one from our representors in the assembly say a thing.....?!?!
what's their use if they don't tackle important issues....?!?! Why do they make a fuss out of women suffrage while women themsels didn't bother to.....!!! Why no one talked about the abuse and lack of respect towards police officers in this country, and why the hell can't we handle immigrants the same way other countries handle....!!!

why do we spend our important money and give it away to other people while we the citizens are denied from salary rises....?!?! How is it that building a power plant or a university in other countries while our electricity is easily cut like last year, and not to mention that KU is the shitiest university in the whole world, we still use high school buildings as faculty ground......!!!

the education is a joke, the hospitals are death camps, doctors are kids, and the nurses are no experienced house maids in many occasions, and that's from experience (we had to hire a specialized nurse to care medically for my grandfather until we found that she was actually a mental institute patient that for some reason our officials got it mixed and thought that she was a certified nurse....!!!) the governmental work is a myth, modernization in Kuwait is concerned only in building new complexes near or in front of the gulf.....!!!
no one knows about our history, we still cry on the 70's cradle....!!!
sport is still of non governmental concern, but they punish the athletes as pro's....!!!

we need to reform the auto-steering of this land....
we need to legislize the litigation and judging the performance of those representatives in the parliament.....!!!
we need to have the authority over those representatives again, and be able to force them to go with our agenda not the government's.....!!!

we need them to prioritize the needs of the people of Kuwait, not the needs of our brethren Arab countries, or kuwait's money snatcher.....!!!

we don't need the people like sheikh ahmad al-fahad to play out with our feelings and then boom where did he go......?!?! We need people who put Kuwait and kuwaitis in front of his.....!!!
we need so many things....

but the important thing is that we, the people don't sit and bitch and do nothing....
we need to spreed the word, force the members of the parliament to think twice and thrice each time they stand and talk the bullshit that we hear for the past 15 years.....!!!

hope this message reach you, don't reply, but at least act....
Madm2000, and many other bloggers have this patriotic feeling, so do you, each has his way of expressing it, I might be aggressive but that's me, why don't you show me your way, for the sake of Kuwait.....