Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reforming the constitution or just the assembly....!!!

The need to reform this beloved country is a must since the majority of it's people are not satisfied with the government or it's puppy's achievements during the past years....!!!

the citizens do suffer from the lack of judgment we see each day, we all disagreed with the extinguishers act that was both stupid and non-productive.....!!!
why do we need them, do we use them while the car is on fire.....!!! I don't think so, we probably will use them as foam projectiles in the 25the of Feb. Wasn't it more convenient that the authorities should force the car agencies to include one from the start of this year....

another issue was the 200 kd that made us feel like beggars, and the result of high rocketing of prices in all of Kuwait.....!!! How did that happen, why no one from our representors in the assembly say a thing.....?!?!
what's their use if they don't tackle important issues....?!?! Why do they make a fuss out of women suffrage while women themsels didn't bother to.....!!! Why no one talked about the abuse and lack of respect towards police officers in this country, and why the hell can't we handle immigrants the same way other countries handle....!!!

why do we spend our important money and give it away to other people while we the citizens are denied from salary rises....?!?! How is it that building a power plant or a university in other countries while our electricity is easily cut like last year, and not to mention that KU is the shitiest university in the whole world, we still use high school buildings as faculty ground......!!!

the education is a joke, the hospitals are death camps, doctors are kids, and the nurses are no experienced house maids in many occasions, and that's from experience (we had to hire a specialized nurse to care medically for my grandfather until we found that she was actually a mental institute patient that for some reason our officials got it mixed and thought that she was a certified nurse....!!!) the governmental work is a myth, modernization in Kuwait is concerned only in building new complexes near or in front of the gulf.....!!!
no one knows about our history, we still cry on the 70's cradle....!!!
sport is still of non governmental concern, but they punish the athletes as pro's....!!!

we need to reform the auto-steering of this land....
we need to legislize the litigation and judging the performance of those representatives in the parliament.....!!!
we need to have the authority over those representatives again, and be able to force them to go with our agenda not the government's.....!!!

we need them to prioritize the needs of the people of Kuwait, not the needs of our brethren Arab countries, or kuwait's money snatcher.....!!!

we don't need the people like sheikh ahmad al-fahad to play out with our feelings and then boom where did he go......?!?! We need people who put Kuwait and kuwaitis in front of his.....!!!
we need so many things....

but the important thing is that we, the people don't sit and bitch and do nothing....
we need to spreed the word, force the members of the parliament to think twice and thrice each time they stand and talk the bullshit that we hear for the past 15 years.....!!!

hope this message reach you, don't reply, but at least act....
Madm2000, and many other bloggers have this patriotic feeling, so do you, each has his way of expressing it, I might be aggressive but that's me, why don't you show me your way, for the sake of Kuwait.....
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