Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Fear

he woke up in a blink, jumped swiftly to the door and off he ran... he didn't stop for anything. even though his mom was startled by his sudden move, and kept calling him over and over, but he wouldn't stop for nothing.

When he reached the streets half naked, a couple of guys intercepted him to see what’s the matter. "What's wrong....?!?! why are you running in your shorts in the meddle of the night...?!?!" said the older guy. The younger guy was examining the half naked running man, when he realized who he was. "Abbadi.... is that you....?!?!" he said. To which the running guy responded as he temporarily forgot in what state was he in and from whom he ran "Fareed.... the meat molder.... been a long time since I've seen you....!!!", "what happened to you.....?!?!" the older guy insisted on knowing what reason can motivate a man to run in the streets at 3 a.m. in only a short to cover him.
"I was running because I heard my...." Abbadi froze in terror as his mother was shouting her lungs out in the meddle of the night "Abbadi, did you wet your bed again....?!?! why did you run like that....?!?! answer me" the guys we wondering from where was she yelling at Abbadi from but from the pitch darkness it was impossible to see from which window she was yelling from. "Abbadi I swear to god if you don't come back I will wake your father up, and make him beat you till you go numb every where" she yelled again louder this time. "I don't blame you for running my friend, but aren't you a bit old to still live with your parents" said the first guy. The younger guy said "that can't be right... your father is dead Abbadi... right...!!! since you were 10 years old", to which the older guy responded "AHH now I see... I'm sympathetic to your suffering, it's hard taking care of senile parents, it's a view so hard for us to go through in life....!!!". Now Abbadi was still carrying that shocked face with terrorized eyes that weeps of petrified torment, but what he said sent the least bit of sanity in those guys realm into sliver.

"Dude... it's not that... but you know my mom....?!?! she died two days ago......!!!"
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