Wednesday, July 19, 2006

day one of film shooting.....!!!

friday, 14th of july 2006, 10:30 a.m ......

the team gathered at Hardees's Madinah street, we had lot's of things to finish before shooting which was scheduled to be at 3:30 p.m, Deena (my assistant director and the protagonist of the movie) over did her self by personally making the costumes and head bands (طرحة) or garments for the brides, and the guy's costumes.....!!!

the wigs were an issue since they were don't leese them, but we managed to obtain 4 (they cost around 20-30 J.D each) and one of them was soon labelled as the "Judy Abbot wig" so don't be shocked Judy.....!!!

couldn't post the pics due to vulgarity......!!!

the bride of this scene or vatreena girl (Rasha my lazy producer, the vatrina girl on the right) gave me headache before the shooting but she came and pulled one for the team, and I thank her for doing the best of her as both acting and producing for the first time......!!!

we faced a problem with the sun and lighting was a bitch, but we managed to finda way to shoot the scene at the cost of Deema (on the left) not clearly shown due to the flare......!!!

in here deena (the mom, amazingly managed to look much older than she really is)

jaodat here is preparing to wrap rasha in newspaper......!!!

it was fantastic, and the crew found out the hard task of filming in close contact, great job every one and this thing is gonna be hysterically funny.....!!!
I leave you with the pics.....

the girls from left to right: rasha, deema, deena... the guys from left to right: mohammad, yasser, mo'ayad, jaodat, and the director......!!!

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