Wednesday, July 26, 2006

day 2& 3 of filming my movie.....!!!

Bu Maryoom and Lil alien are in the movie.......!!!

I took the liberty of adding them to the movie, sorry guy and creature for not asking your permissions, but I couldn't resist not sharing them with the world......!!!

any how I'll in exchange for your participation in the movie will provide you with limited edition DVD's....!!!

O.K. returning to the subject, for 2 straight days we were turtured by the filming process, although it was fun, actually insanely hilarious......!!!

here is Moayed hungry as hell, but still wanted to show his support for the orange rev. of kuwait, yasser on the other hand provided protection.....!!!

didn't laugh this much along time ago.....

Deena is preparing for her scene with Moayed, she's perfect for the role......!!!

so last monday was the 2 day of shooting, we managed to finish 5 scenes, how ever it was hard but at the same time enjoyable.....!!!

this is part of the party scene I took it with my intel cam while taking some of the conversations between the characters you'll see Yasser and Rasha then Mo, while giving the sound job to Moayed....!!!

we had fun with the extra, and one of them actually proved to be talanted so we had her as a victem in the party scene, but her voice was hardly heard..... we'll see if we need to record her voice once again.....!!!

the next day, we went to the office to shoot the Khattaba's scenes (that's me)......!!!
we had many takes, different angles for a some what short scene, I opened two bottles by my bare hands which was hell of a pain to do, I also smoked for the first time in my life, not one but 6 sticks of sigarettes (damn it was fucked up experience)......!!!

I didn't use make up at all, in fact I didn't shave my face (the rule is supposidly a strong manly woman).....!!! but I ended up looking like a female presenter in "JAAM EJAAM TV" (NO pictures will be posted only your imagination).....!!!

next friday will be the hardest day, shooting the street scene which is the wakiest, hardest, and longest.......!!!

wish us luck.......!!!

p.s. how the hell can I add a youtube clip in the post.....?!?!

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