Thursday, January 25, 2007

wiiBoxing injuries, and Retarded Mutants......!!!

my record now is 9-2, and no one told me my shoulder will feel like it was paved by a car.....!!!
yeah and I lost cause I was braging.....!!!
I wanted to test my defence, and I tried to block and evade for a while, but Fahad knocked me out twice, I realized I was in a shitty spot so I retaliated but it was too late......!!!

anyhow, I have a signiture punch, cool pose, and a flipper.....!!! yeah I managed to flip Fahad......!!!

reminds me of Hajimi no ippo.......!!!

anyhow, we are planning to do a documentary on us, and some places we like in Kuwait, will let you informed on any updates, if you like to join us on external locations you are most welcomed.....!!!

and I forgot to mention it was arcade night, Omar did his magic and gave us a window through time to all classic arcade games, all street fighter games, double dragon, king of fighters, and jigilion other games (will post them later though with a full coverage)......!!!

after hours of gaming, I dozed off on the couch, and I woke up later on hilarious laughs from the guys, they were watching this movie, a very bad bad bad bad fucked up movie, where every character was sick and mentally loco......!!!

and to top that the Janitor becomes a disfigured super hero after dumping him with loads of green paint, he kills only bad guys and fuck a blind girl whom every one in her town is rapping her or in the process of trying to rape her......!!!

the movie is called Toxic Avenger, please don't see it, I found out that it was the first film of TA series.....!!!


thats how he looks......!!!

how can people make these kinds of films......!!!
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