Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Safat Bloggers Family is now bigger......!!!

Up to this day April 2nd, and by the time I post this, the Safat family has reached 748 BLOGS......!!!

that means almost 800 members post and comment under the sponsership of Safat.....!!!

amazing isn't it, after almost 4 years with only a handful blogs and 6-12 posts a day at the most, Safat has really gone the distance,not only that, Safat is also the first Aggregator in the middle east, and the most active and influential in their community, Safat represents the second largest blog-o-sphere just behind the egyptian blogs, keeping in mind there are hundreds of Kuwaiti bloggers popping up from every where......!!!

the family could be bigger and might tip off the egyptians if only we could accept Jeeran and Maktoob blogs, but because of minor technicalities we are unable to do so for the time being......!!!

our bloggers meeting is the oldest, and we still uphold this tradition while others have stopped, even when some meetings are composed of 2 or 3 bloggers, you would still feel the Safati debates and stories, these meetings gave us the chance to know what ticks and works every blogger, whats funny, whats not, how popular you are, and you can see the response to what you post in the eyes of your peers......!!!

most of the bloggers that attend the meetings are now close friends, people from different sectors and nationalities, come together under Safat, no gender specific, no prosecution or evaluation or examination to you or your blog, care free meetings, where we talk everything about nothing, all aspects of life, and death sometimes......!!!

even when we are a bit dissapointed in Female participation in the Blog-o-sphere and meetings, we still have faith that they'll put up to what they defend and represent......!!!

748 BLOGGERS and counting, more than 250,000 POSTS

thank you Nibaq and thank you all Safatis, and for GOD's sake could someone make a banner and a logo......!!!
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