Wednesday, February 21, 2007

stalling purg to out some retards.....!!!

I was supposed to post about Purg's 1000 post (a really long post), and the ministry of health's issue, but I think I broke my right hand and that's why I can't continue writing before I fall sleep.....!!!

the palm is blue and red, looks wierd and irritates me when typing, I hear a click at the the base of the hand......!!!

so instead I'll adress who ever heard the podcast and didn't like it......!!!

so what.....!!!

that's your opinion, you have the right to it, and I have my right to think and express what I want, now the show isn't mine, and I don't control anything in it, I'm a guest in the show, and it's up to Tat to tell me that the show would be better without me..... so shut the fuck up and don't bother 7araming or 7alaling every thing, can't you understand, you're talking to the wrong guy in a wrong way trying to convince me on a worng couse......!!!

Nibaq, K, Stall, Maze, iDip, and Purgy murgy...... we need to talk.......!!!
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