Monday, February 19, 2007

Skypation of the Don Show......!!!

I know I'm late again as always.....!!!

I just heard the latest episode of "The Don Show: Skypecast", that had Ananyah& Blasha, among the usual Tat, Forzaq8, and me, the show talked on different levels and different subjects.

One of them was Are Bloggers Bitches.....?!?!, and what is the difference between bitches and whores, Ananiah answering the quistions about her bisexuality, and who's who on term of gayness in the Safat Bloggersphere, the Shawarma, and Tat trying to market his stripping and force it on his guests, we talked a bit about "q8tyblogger-egyptian guitarist renown muslim-wannabee" and how he became gay to convert gay people to his new religion, why Ananiah was kicked out of Safat, and the New National Anthem, performed by Forza.......!!!

that was part one of a really long podcast, which we used skype to enjoy the company of the girls in both Kuwait and Scotland. Hear it and give us your thoughts, but before that here is a guideline to know who's who in the podcast:

the Nigga wanna be"mutha Fucka" guy is Tat
the Calm Silent Blogger/Singer is Forzaq8
the Uncontrolable Egyptian MANIAC is EXzombie
the deKuwaitized Bitchologist blogger is Ananiah
the Shy calmer is Blasha
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