Sunday, February 04, 2007

80's maties......!!!

cawabonga dudes'n dudets....!!!

Grandizer post had me thinking a bit about our time.....!!!you know the oldies.....!!!

good time but suck at fashion.....!!!
not as shitty as the 90's but it won't reach the 70's......!!!
the 80's had the shittiest hair-cuts, clothing fashion, and pubic hair......!!!

I guess summing the whole 80's is kinda long so I'll stick with what REALLY grasped my attintion.....!!!

>"That's Increadable Show" was stupid.....!!!

some of the stunts were mentaly retarded, like jumping to a glass of water, eating the glass, and seeing how a snake can eat a rat.....!!!
the trade mark slogan "believe it or not" is still stuck in my brain.......!!!

>"Takeshi's castle" (الحصن) rocked big time....!!!I loved this show which was called (الحصن-قلعة تاكيشي), I wished and still do that we have a similar show, it's not too late.....!!!

takeshi's castle

germany had a similar show but had it as a contest between towns, how about we do it in between Qurtuba and Surra......!!! or Dasma V.S Bnaid elgar......!!!(pic)

>the first time I saw the "eraser-pen" I thought this is fucked up, my world would crumble.....!!!we knew lead in the pencils can be erased, and pens don't, it gave us an edge.......!!! not any more....!!!(pic)

>the rubbery long pencilI kicked soo many asses with this tool, but it was crap for a writing pencil, I couldn't hold it still, write with it, and erase, not to mention the impossible task of trimming it.....!!!

>mirror براية ام جامة I always peel the mirror and play with it.....!!!take the razor and add it to the weapons collection(don't ask, long long story).....!!!

>give me a break: black fat maid on white kidsthat T.V. SHOW was sick.....!!!(pic)

>vcr's top eject, fucking blinking clock, beta or hdrthe main joy from it is that I spent hundreds of hours from my childhood inserting and ejecting tapes and pretending that I was in the Enterprise as a Star Trek officer.....!!! that until I spilled yogert in the insides of the V.C.R. ......!!!

>pac man, I ate and ate just to be like him, Atari games, Sakhar, Amiga games were fun too......!!!

>jaws, I still am afraid to swim in the sea......!!!fucked my mind hard.....!!!

>Lego still rules in my book, and they didn't have a doll of the prophit (pbuh) for me to buycotting them, I just got old......!!!

>Kitco's formula one ad......!!! (
the fingers are filled with Kitco rings......!!! plain and simple, no colors no cocktail shit.....!!!although now I stick to the phone combination(fingers too big to fit the rings)

>Atari rule big time I still have a bag of Atari with me where ever I go, the guys are sick of it.....!!!

we loved Bruce Lee's movies, Jackie Chan, and spagitti westerns cowboy movies......!!!

wwf was a top priority for all of us.....!!!

you don't stand a chance if you didn't know who is Andre the giant, Super Fly Snuka, Jake the Snake, Hulk Hogan, and the Ultimate Worrior.......!!!

now I switched to the real deal..... MMA such as Pride, K-1, UFC, Extreme Fighting........!!!

americanized ninja movies sucked but I saw them nonthless (some ninjas fought using frezbies).....!!!

bionic six, the mask, thundercats, power extreme, transformers, heman, and many shows kept us occupied......!!!

loved the russian cartoons and the tone of the dubbing was charming......!!!

Heman, WWF, Thunder Cats, G.I.Joe's whole sets where a must for every kid, also LEGO......!!!

have to admit Hungry Bunny was the bomb but the hygene was a dump......!!!

Pizza Italia's running man wearing the dishdasha and gutra still rings through my ear each time I eat pizza......!!!
remember the 4 seasons pizza.....!!!

Zoro custume was and still is the best in all birthday parties, spiderman and superman cme close second and third.......!!!

evi from "out of this world" and "little wonder" were damn good until I saw little wonder again and realized it's just a box behind the girl.......!!!

spitting image, although at the time I had no clue to what the show was about, the fact that seeing dolls looking human and looking like the royal UK-ish family was a fun with all the gigs.....!!!

the zoo toothpaste was a good suplement for sugars in kindrgarden.....!!!

umbrella chocolate and kinder surprise, nestle cup, Rana's box that contained candy and toys, bugsbunny head's candy dartsv(where you can refill them), and the rubberman's chewing gum were a must in every trip to Nuzha co-op.....!!!

hope you enjoyed this post.......!!!
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