Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brokebat Mountain.....!!!

it's a long subject, insulting, and some will be annoyed, I dedicate this post to a friend of mine who loves Batman soo much that he made me hate the dark knight... this is to you Faisal..

Batman's "Dark Knight" suck ass big time, and thats before seeing it.. the viral campaign in particular gave us headache just to find a portion of a photo, or a teaser......!!!

I didn't like Spiderman 3 alot, the only decent thing was Sandman, Batman begins was good but not to the point of masterpiece, I like the realistic approach, how they tryed to make it as believable as they can be, the same goes for the Punisher

back to the issue, I really do believe the creators of Batman were disturbed, to create a psycho schizophrenic maniac, who wear spandex and use boys and girls to aid him in "crime fighting", keep little boys in tights in his basement, likes to be in caves, and has them hide their identity and never tell their parents about their night activities, he loves the dark, don't talk too much, and hide behind a mask.....!!!

this was the first clue that the Bat behind the lad was pinkish....!!!

the Bat starts his day with a Ward's "BIG BREAKFAST".....!!!
I wonder if MJ learned it from him

I wonder if this is his idea for a birthday "gifit"(many will not understand it)

if you wondered where the Joker stands, let's just say he tryed his luck......!!!

if you ever wondered what style Robin uses I'm glad to say it's "Butt Fu" personally totured by the Big man himself.....!!!

ofcourse many times it backfires and friendly fire occur.....!!!

when that happens batman steps to guide him well

what is he exactly, I leave the judgement to you.

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