Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ready.. Steady... blog....!!!

salam to all who have joined me in this bloggerical page of mine....
what can I say on behalf of this bloga....?!?!?!
well.. concider this as a ride or as a crash course in a kuwaiti style...!!!
I dont have a spicific bloggarithmic theme for this page.. but believe me it's going to be amusing for all of us...
the "From 3ohah" is simply a bloggish copy of "دولة عـوهة العظمى " www.3ohah.com where i have created a fictional country in this small island of 3ohah...
for you who who does'n't know 3ohah "عـوهة "...
well... it's a small island in the arabian (or persian) gulf that belongs to a series of kuwaiti islands*
ahm.. check it out and till what do you htink about it...?!?!
خلّصت كلامي

*for further information please visit this link
( http://www.3ohah.com/m3lomat.htm)
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