Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The 2006 Farewell Speach.....!!!

Dear 2006,

fuck you big time for being a shitty year to me, many people I know died in 2006, some were relitives, some were friends, and some were dear to me even if I never have met them......!!!

to give you credit, I was happy during the shitty year, because my resolution on the previous shitty year 2005 was to be happy no matter what fuckers say, do, or not do to me.....!!!

on love matters, I fell for two, one played me like a drum monkey, then fainted a catastrophee to break up with me, then I found this strange feeling with this girl that I adored, I was truethful.... but she had some issues with her personality and other stuff, and opps, I got dumped twice......!!!

and not to make things look shittyer than 2005 I was hook again with the first, and find so many fucked up things that I wouldn't normally accept, but for some fucked up reason I fooled myself into getting back with her, now how do I get repaid for tolerating the endless nagging and babybullshits of "No, you are not me, I'm not you, we are not each other" crap, I lose a friend and she complains of being with her mother......!!! and exams to be fair......!!!

so I said to myself that I wont get fucked up in relationships that easy... so I plan to get married by 2007.....?!?! cool isn't it.....!!!

I made a movie, that worked me off like hell, the girls gave me hell, and I returned it back, the outcome was not that great and didn't reach my expectations, although we won so many things I felt we could've done better, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better......!!!

it will be almost a year since I saw Dad, and it sucks, you figuer that getting older you'll learn to get used to them being away, but no... a big NO.... missing them just grows bigger and bigger, and you only wish to be there for him and with him..... I LOVE YOU DAD...

I don't know why but it seems people only get stupider by the minute, tons of e-mails of stupid magots saying weird things like don't say Mosque it's short for "mosquito", and don't say Mohs as short for Mohammed as it means a wide mouthed dog......!!!
I think I have stupid friends since they are the ones who send me this kind of crap.....!!!

I need to have a heart to heart talk with them......!!!

Kuwait is in my heart, I am patriotic to a point others get annoyed from it....!!! it's your problem not mine....!!!

I will work harder in the year 2007, I will improve myself in all fields, I'll become thinner too, and I will be married enshalla, I will get wiser, and more grumpier, I won't tolerate fags, lizbos, weakly earthlings, softies, and open minded fags, I will eat sushi, and don't mine going back to EDO since it was good and I liked it, thanks to the Mafia for thier hospitality.....!!!

I met great people this year and made tons of friends, I lost a dear one also this year, I've known him for only 9 months, but the impact of his lost shock my beliefs..... I will never forget you Jude...

so fucking go 2006 and send my fucking regards to the fucking 2005......!!!

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