Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Colors of HARAM.....!!!

this is for assholes who think they have the right to grab our freedom, our religion and announce their authority over us through religion and fear.....!!! (Kuwait and Islam is included)

Islam is much greater and more tolerant than what you have in mine, I might tolerate hate and disgust from others, but stupidity is something else......!!!

apart from the
crazy ass FATAWIS you people seem to invent day by day, rules and regulations(rather are cuffs and chackles), costums and traditions, Deen now became a prison thanks to your efforts......!!!
manepulating youngsters and youth for your sick deeds has to end, why do wait for another Abdulrahman al-Bathali or a 16 year old kid to go rambooing in other countries.....!!!

why frighten every one into your religion, why spreading your stupidity through every channel and medium.....!!!

a few days ago I recieved an e-mail from 6 friend of mine talking about the same subject, don't say mosque cause it means mosqito.....!!! fuck and don't say Mohd(shrot for Mohammed) cause it means a wide mouthed dog......!!!
fuck who comes with these kinds of shit, don't drink non alcoholic root beer, cause it can be mixed with panadol and/or penicilin to broduce alcoholic drinks even though penicilin is an antibiotic so it will inhibit microorganisms from ferminting the beer......!!!

why shortening and narrowing your life to live the 7th century among the people of the 21st century.....!!!

I leave you with this short film that was done by "Mohd" Hushky from the Royal Film Commission.....

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